Photos Backup to Replace Free Google Photos

What is everyone using to replace the free Google Photos that is now part of your Google storage?

I came across which has 100GB free storage and 5GB per referral (no links/codes to be shared yet) but doesn't have much on here about them.

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    Those prices don't seem sustainable from an unknown me-too storage host.

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      And can only backup from 3 devices, and will only keep the data for 90 days if inactive… after that bye bye data

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    I’m sticking with google. Luckily I bought a Chromebook and got 1 Year free of storage

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    Google One with Google Rewards

    $2.49/month for 100gb, so far haven't had to actually pay anything

    Integrates (obviously) with google photos for the Google hub :)

    • Yeah just do Google Rewards. Only need to tell Google you have been to Woolies 10 times a month (which they know anyway) and you have paid for it.

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        And occasionally tell them you don't trust them over 4 questions lol

    • So do you only get Google Rewards with Google One?

      Had a look and I can only find a Google Opinion Rewards app that was on the App Store for iPhone but no longer so must just be on Android.

      • So do you only get Google Rewards with Google One?

        No, you can get it any time and it just gives you Play store credit, which can be used towards Google One payments

        • Damn thanks, it says on the Google Opinion Rewards it's on the App Store but it's not available. Sounds like it is only on Android now.

          So do you use the app only to complete surveys?

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            @billybob1978: Yeah, if you leave your location services on all the time, it registers where you go and just keeps sending surveys which could give you $0.10-$0.60 or so each

            Just checked my history, over the last calendar month I've made $5.21 in credit from surveys

  • I've been switching to Onedrive (1TB with Microsoft365 Family subscription). Although it lacks some tools available on Google Photos, it's getting better.

    My phone uploads camera photos and other folders to both Google and Onedrive.

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    Google is charging for new data, old photos are grandfathered.
    That is enough for me to keep my pics there and continue to use it as a secondary backup. The photos app is pretty good for finding the pictures I want too.

    But I got more serious about a primary backup, and bought a Monument device and plugged in some hard discs. It makes it super simple to handle sd cards from cameras, which is my biggest hassle. It also backs up phones.
    Works for me, but if you are disciplined about backing up your camera somewhere else (which I am not) it is unnecessary.

  • What ever you change to maybe free today … they'll bait plenty in then do a photobucket on everyone

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    This is what i do, buy a pixel 1 (unlimited original quality photos for life), or pixel 4a5g (unlimited standard quality photos) - i got both phones
    The pixel phones stay at home and are just there for uploads

    Buy Pixel
    Setup FTP server on pixel
    Setup FileSync on current phone (any android phone)
    Every night photos automatically get transferred from current phone to the pixel
    Unlimited photo uploads from Pixel to google photos