Dell Warning: Desktop orders (RTX builds) delayed again

Received email a few days ago. Aurora 12 with RTX 3080 delayed from mid July until at least mid August. They are making it hard to get a refund. How can such a huge company not know its logistics/supply chain properly?

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    Received that email 1-2 weeks ago and decided to cancel.

    They are making it hard to get a refund

    How so? I just sent an email and the rep replied the next day. Refund came through a day or two after that

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    I don't understand how your order is still open. Mine was cancelled from their end citing lack of stock as the reason. Refund came through in a few days after confirming bank account details. Don't think people's issue with Dell is related to refund, but more about accepting orders they can't fulfill?

  • Only August?? Mine got delayed from start of July to November a few weeks ago.

  • Damn. We ordered an R12 3080 system in May and got delivered early June. :(

    • What date in May, if I can ask? Battling their support currently and they keep claiming a lot of BS that does not match up to ozbargainers orders being fulfilled

      • 7th of May.

        • Yeah, me too… Ugh.

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