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ALDI Ultralight Down Jacket $50, Ultralight Down Vest $30, Merino Thermal Underwear $30/pc


Part of ALDI special buys on 10th of July.

Hiking Shoes are also on for $30 and the Women's parka jacket is an online only special @ $70

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    Please don't buy Jackets with Down feathers watch the below video for more info:


    • Do tell us about your thoughts on the meat and poultry section in ALDI too!

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        The video is about plucking feathers when the animals are still alive.

        Do you have more smug responses once you know what the conversation is about?

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          I'm feeling incredibly snug in my Uniqlo ultralight down jacket, but this ALDI deal is a little cheaper than I paid, so I'm not that smug now.

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            @cyssero: Wouldn't feel that smug if its your feathers being plucked?

          • @cyssero: Moving even further off topic, but how's the Uniqlo one? Thinking of either getting that one or the Aldi deal.

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              @Ezuku: It's great! It's held up really well after 2 years of solid use. The ethically sourced feathers in it do escape once in a while but it's a good fit and has stood the test of time. Internal pocket is quite useful and outer pockets are zipped

              Mine is the non hooded version, but they do have both. Have hand washed it and has come out fine. Great to travel with if we do get the chance any time soon.

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                @cyssero: Cheers, thanks for the first hand opinion!

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              @Ezuku: I'll also chime in. I had never been a puffy jacket wearer (always too hot for me) but I got one of the Uniqlo ultralights for a bike packing trip as it packs down so small and it has been awesome. Very comfortable and not tooo hot for me.

              and for the haters out there, Uniqlo comply with RDS:

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              @Ezuku: I paid $100 for Uniqlo UL and I'm happy with it.

              Convenience 9/10
              Warmth 6/10
              Style 6/10

              Aldi jacket:

              Convenience 6/10
              Warmth 8/10
              Style 4/10

        • Gottem!!!

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          I wish someone plucked my hair for free…Couldn't care less if they want to make a jacket out of it!

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      The description of the jacket says:

      RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified, which safeguards the welfare of geese and ducks that provide the down and feathers in our product
      This means you can rest assured that our product is not sourced through live plucking or force feeding of ducks and geese
      For further information on the Responsible Down Standard, visit: http://responsibledown.org/

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        The video clearly says that the RDS was a sham, as several suppliers claim they are not live-plucked while admitting later that they do as otherwise there isn't enough profit in it.

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        If you watch the video linked above you’ll know how that certification is a sham.

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          **** me that looks brutal, and multiple geese have to go through that for a single jacket..

        • +19

          Because a PETA video is always fact and not biased/sensationalised in the slightest

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            @bobolo: @bobolo: Show me an unbiased scenario where this is a good deal for the goose…

            • @sutiive: @sutiive Where did I say it was a good deal for goose?

          • @bobolo: large multnational corporations literally trying to sell you something, on the other hand, extremely trustworthy lololol

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              @dec1an: Never claimed large multinationals were trustworthy. But its clear that PETA definitely isn't.

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        Ubelievable how people blindly throw +1s at straight ignorant statements and negs clear facts.

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          Just like how people blindly pay more for cage free or free range eggs thinking that's any different from caged eggs.

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            @deathjr: Oh, another one. Generlise random subjects whenever convenient, huh?

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            @deathjr: your tastebuds must be very dull if you can't taste the difference between caged eggs and good quality free range eggs.

            • -2

              @keejoonc: Do you understand that there is no difference by law? Like, at all. Placebo tastebuds?

          • +3

            @deathjr: @deathjr: It might be, and that's enough. It's a start at least. Vs continuing to buy caged and signalling to the market that we really don't give a sh** about animal welfare at all.

            • @sutiive: Buy whatever you like and can afford and let others do the same.

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        If they're already getting my fois gras ready, may as well also get a pillow out of it.

      • -4

        Oh so they kill it first then take it's feathers. Much better! 🤦‍♂️

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      Probably a general statement like this does not help, as those that do the right thing are group with those irresponsible one, I only buys down jacket that have a RDS sign on them with the assumption that they are responsibly sourced. Those irresponsible ones need to be blacklisted.

    • @muralimailbox isn't there a tree that needs hugging in a forest somewhere …

      • Damn, Andy. Smart! Go, boy.

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      Thanks for this, I won't buy down jackets anymore. Everyone in this country, even though quite wealthy compared to the rest of the world, aims for the cheapest products so they can save money to pay for overpriced housing.

      • Over priced housing is giving us $1 avos!

    • +45

      The fact that this video is made by PETA makes it questionable. They always use shock, exaggeration and groups everything together.

      I don't have the time to look into the legitimacy of this and I blame PETA because it they were consistently credible and didn't rely on shock then I would believe this video more.

      • +5

        I have no respect for PETA and their idea of killing pit bulls.

      • -3

        That was an expertly crafted statement on how shake off any and all accountability for your actions! That was a great live demo of how people protect their insecurities 👏

        • +1

          Look mate, you obviously didn't do any research yourself so I don't see how you are any better on your high horse and question other people's accountability and insecurities (what does anyone even have to be insecure about here?!).

          If you look at my other comment, you will see that I actually looked into this and the result is exactly as I stated. In fact, if we boycott feather down then all the feather from the meat industry will just get wasted. Companies will start using synthetic down which is likely to not be biodegradable. So now you are not just creating more slaughterhouse waste, you are creating more plastic waste that will go into the ecosystem and harm a lot more animals.

          So how about you go get educated before trying to make some straw man argument on your high horse.

    • +9

      Thank you for bringing this issue to the attention of people who may not be aware of it.

    • +4

      Why the hell people are negging you…

      • +3

        Either unaware people or just childish dcks - look at the comments. I feel sheer awkward reading some of them.

        • +3

          It's not very nice to call people ducks

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      Aldi writes on their page for this product:
      RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified, which safeguards the welfare of geese and ducks that provide the down and feathers in our product
      This means you can rest assured that our product is not sourced through live plucking or force feeding of ducks and geese

      Now who do I believe more. Aldi or PETA? Who's got more to lose if they are caught lying? Consequences for Aldi: millions of dollars of fines by the ACCC. Consequences for PETA: none.

      Edit: actually it is a better product than the $200 version sold by Kathmandu, which is only 80% down compared to 90% here…

      • People believe in money unfortunately.

    • +1

      love my down jacket, and doona quilt. highly reccomend. would never go back.

    • +28

      Ok, despite me not wanting to do investigate a PETA video, I did. I hate these videos that offer little information and just rely and making you feel uncomfortable.

      As expected, PETA just relied on shock and groups everything together. Firstly, the reason why most down comes from China is because geese and duck are very popular meats in Asia. Not saying live feather harvesting is fake but it is definitely not the majority of the industry.

      Secondly, there is just such massive consumption of the two birds' meat that it's not that difficult to have RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified down. It's easy to imagine how much meat is consumed vs how much down there is in the world. I felt like the video made it seem like live plucking made a big part of the down industry.

      To finish this all off, the video specifically talked about geese down. These Aldi jackets are 90% grey duck down and 10% duck feathers.

      edit: I just want to mention that there is probably a higher chance geese down does not meet the RDS because a lot of geese down actually comes from Europe which uses geese for fois gras. As much as I liked the taste of fois gras, seeing how cheap you can get it for now, it's a bit hard to believe that force feeding is not a big part of that industry.

      • +4

        Oh god no, people eat poultry meat in Asia?!?!? But PETA tho

    • What if it's RDS certified?

  • +9

    Ah here we go again.

    unzips wallet

  • Hiking shoes any good?

    • +11

      Bought a pair last year. Not the comfiest and gave me blisters. You get what you pay for.

      • +1

        Thanks, I'll pass on these now

        • try palladium shoes if you haven't. they make goretex boots that are extremely comfortable out of the box

    • +3

      For me they took me through the Himalayas, up to Mount Fuji and quite a few other hikes just fine (wasn't planning to wear them to Everest but they were surprisingly decent on my local walks so I kept wearing them). Grip wearing out a bit but it's been a few years now. Couldn't complain for 30 bucks!

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    how is the mens down compared to Macpac?

    • +1

      I've got one and it's not as warm as a Macpac hooded Halo, but that's a good thing in some ways. Also, I like the fact it packs into it's own pocket rather than a separate sack. Another plus is the hood is not bulky and padded like the Macpac, and easily folded away into the collar.

      • +1

        This is more comparable to the uber light than the halo

  • +3

    Anyone recommend the hiking backpack?

  • How does their Merino compare to Glassons (current or back in the day)?

    • I have no idea but the ALDI ones have kept me warm for many years on trails, in the snow, canoe trips ect

  • Whats this online only special for the womens parka jacket mean?

    Edit: Oh I see they have started online shopping now.

  • +2

    Got a few of the merino thermals and t-shirts last year, great quality - just check the sizing, I got a medium which fits me nicely as an underlayer but I normally wear a large.

  • +4

    Anyone got further specs on the smartwatch?

  • +1

    FYI Unsure if these have changed, but I bought the top and bottom merino long john's 2 winters ago, and while they were quite warm during winter I found them to be a little itchy and the pants wore out in the 'crotch' area after 1 season. I have used Bonds long john's last 2 winters and they have held up really well.

  • Is there anyone trying their Merino Thermal Underwear? Any feedback will be appreciated.
    Secondly, do I need to hand wash with cold water every time?

    • +1

      Did not notice someone made comments just above my thread, sorry about that.

    • +1

      I’ve had mine for years, loved it so much I bought a second pair. Used it in Japan for ski trips but also on some cold nights here. Very comfy, not itchy and doesn’t get smelly even after a few days. I don’t particularly take special care of them and just chuck it in the washer & dryer with my general laundry.

    • +1

      I bought one of their long sleeved thermal tops a few months ago and I will try to get another one this weekend.

      Be warned it's very lightweight, much thinner than the merino T-shirt I got at Aldi last year. That suits me fine as I wear it indoor and outdoors and I don't want it too warm. I have heavier thermals other purposes.

      I've machine washed it at least half a dozen times and so far so good.

    • Have bought in previous years and find it really nice and soft on. Mine it's not itchy at all. Has washed well.

  • +5

    ALDI keeps popping up on the covid exposure sites in Sydney - you may get even more than you bargained for :D

  • +3

    Any comments on the hiking boots? Comfortable? Waterproof?


  • +1

    The Merino Thermals looks good…

  • +1

    Bought a down jacket for my wife a couple of years ago. Still going strong. Taken on several hikes, including Milford Sound great walk in NZ.

    Highly recommended.

    • What walk did you do? Going there in October, any tips would be great!

      • Milford Sound: https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/fi...

        Fantastic walk. October may still be pretty cold.

        Dont over pack, there are huts with matresses and burners for cooking your own food.
        Get a good pair of boots and wear them in before you go.
        Trails are usually well kept with walkways. Unlikely you feet will get wet from having to walk through water (that was the case for me).
        Walk at your own pace and don't feel you need to stick with the group.
        The last section right at the end near the pick up, can have bad sandflys (it is called Sandfly Point…). They dont bite not like mozzies, just annoying. One of those fly nets for your hat/head will be appreciated if needed…

        Not sure if Mintaro hut is still open, but thats an awesome section and i was dissapointed that we had to take a helicoper (due to avalanche danger) past most of the valley straight to the hut.

        • Awesome thanks for the great info, can’t wait!

  • Later in the news: Several ALDI stores have been identified as close contact venues. Everyone who visited … test… isolate… 14 days.

  • Bit off topic but on the same specials
    Interested in the Stanley Insulated Quick Flip Drink Bottle. How does it compare to, say Thermos/Zojirushi/Tiger?
    I think the advantage is that it has a wide mouth so easier to clean.
    How heavy is it?
    Mainly used for hot drink. So hot temp retention is the most important factor.
    Any comments? Thanks.

  • +4

    I'm wondering if the binoculars are any good.

  • We don't have Aldi down here in Tassie, do Aldi have an online ordering presence?

    • +1

      They have some special buys online but they only deliver to certain postcodes in NSW, VIC and QLD

  • Can anyone comment on the sleeping bags and inflatable mats, based on past sales?

  • +4

    No down jacket at stores this am

  • +1

    The Merino Thermal gear is awesome.

    • How it is compare to Uniqlo heattech?

      • +3

        I find it breathes better, the weave visibly is more open so there is less sweating if wearing under the donna etc. and or for the day. If I go outside into the sun or are cooking I can heat up but not break out into a sweat and feel I need to strip back and or even change clothes afterwards.

        For $29.99 a unit I think it is exceptional value especially as I have some light 100% merino jumpers and they cost $50/ea, they are slightly thicker but show similar properties (breathable, water resistant, high warmth for very low weight). The quality seems good (won't really know until 4-5years).

        • +1

          late edit: the wife said before the 'bottoms are so warm' but she doesn't have heattech pants (I have 2 pairs) and I do think these are slightly warmer.

          • @Bold Eagle: Do you have the basic heattech or extra or ultra warm?

            • +1

              @bght007: I bought them years ago - checking now. I checked the labels and cannot determine. I have 2 long tees, 2 long pants and 2 socks all bought in Japan in 2012 and 2014. I also bought a generic competitor but it is inferior to the HeatTech.

              My label has the same 3 strings presented here:
              * 01 37 2F055A
              * 375-072552(24-01)
              * rn115307 441-bfa-bjb

              On a really, really cold day I would put the Merino under the HeatTech to encapture greater heat (or prevent lesser loss).

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