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Hey all, figured I'd ask on this site as everyone loves a good bargain. Anyone got any good feedback on in sink garbage disposals, been looking for a while but never got around to getting one.
insinkerator always comes up in searches but they're pretty pricey. Just saw one on a banggood ad which prompted this topic again. So anyone come across a good one that's a bargain? (does anyone even use Garbage Disposals anymore)


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    why do you need one?

    • So we can just mince up food scraps

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        Compost them?

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        Food scraps shouldn't be going down the drain unless you've pre-digested them.

        Please don't do it, there are enough wet wipes and fatbergs down in the sewers.

        • Garbage disposal captures all solids, it's like a grease trap that needs emptying every now and then.

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            @AustriaBargain: Yeah? Show me a diagram of how it works.

            What would be the point of it if it doesn't flush it down the pipe? Why does the tap need to be r

            Who comes and empties it? If it does need emptying then that defeats the need of the OP "not to have to walk to the garbage".

            Here's a video on how to use an in-sink garbage disposal. I'm thinking you are under a misconception.


            I love the "make sure the tap is on cold so the fat solidifies"

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          They put a huge organic load on the sewage treatment process and require a large amount of energy to treat.

  • I bought a generic one on eBay - one of those that get drop-shipped. Has worked very well so far. I couldn't justify the cost of an insinkerator which was probably more than 5x the cost of a generic one, so thought I'd take the risk.

    • Have a link at all?

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        Something like this:

        I bought and installed myself with the help of youtube videos (replacing an older broken one). Might be more involved though if you're installing without an existing system to get the tubing and machine in place under the sink.

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    Why not put food scraps in the bin or compost them if appropriate?

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      For apartment dwellers composting isn't feasible and often the bins are miles away, so it saves a daily trip to get rid of smelly garbage. But in a house I agree composting is the way to go.

      • I'm in an apartment and have a worm farm on the balcony. It works well.

        You can also get those bins for the kitchen counter.

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    Powerful motor, electricity and water, metal sink, what could go wrong?
    Part of the large cost of selling appliances in Australia is getting them tested and certified for Australian use.
    Insurance companies and building inspectors would be interested in these items (banggood, dropshop) being connected to sewer system.
    I’d buy from a Australian retailer and get licensed trades to install it.
    Also they are illegal in some council areas.

    • and your finger will be a perfect recipe. First time I saw it was from some hollywood horror and my first thought was who was the one that invent such dumb device, but I guess there's market for it.

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    We’ve had an Insinkerator that was nothing but trouble. Ended up having 4 over 9 years - all died. We recently got so fed up with it (having failed AGAIN), we got the plumber to swap it back to a regular drain. Don’t do it!

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    Please don't use an in-sink food macerator. They aren't good for plumbing or sewer systems in the long term.

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    Don't do it, rubbish should go in the bin not down the pipes. Kitchen sinks always have cages on the drain hole, to catch food scraps so you can put them in the bin as they're not for pipes.

    Haven't you seen any American movies? An accident involving one of those things would be ghastly.

  • Pretty sure they're against the law in NSW. Not sure about other states.

  • We have been using insinkerator brand model 65 from memory(Got off marketplace brand née for so cheap) for over 4 years now. It’s great. Hasn’t missed a bit. Maybe get a good brand so you have no issues like me. We love it. Use it several times a day. We don’t crush bones in it though just vegetables. They’re great.

  • Thanks all for the replies, didn't realise it was a touchy subject regarding them. Looks like I'll be giving it a miss for now. Cheers

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