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Nexgard Spectra 3.6-7.5kg Dog, 6 Pack $58.95 Shipped @ Amazon AU ([Back Order] $56.88 Shipped @ Harris Scarfe Amazon)


Good price for the Yellow 6 pack. Sold by Harris Scarfe.

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Edit: Harris Scarfe on 6-10 days back order. Still available for $58.95 from Amazon.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    6 packs $58.95
    $56 maybe only for 3packs only
    Have to check b4 purchase


      They have gone OOS now. The $56.88 was for a 6 pack.

      Price from Amazon is now $58.95

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    Excellent Laxative, my dog almost died shortly after taking this. Yes = correlation does not prove causation, but wished I researched first.

    Many people do not have problems with this, but others claim Nextguard and Bravecto harm pets. (do your own research)






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      So what do you use instead?


        Thanks for the links. https://thehealingvet.com/ticks-and-flea-prevention-is-this-... is an interesting read, and mentions "I never, ever use any products at all unless I see fleas. I don’t believe in using these preventatively. Treat a problem, if there is no problem, carry on!". I like this idea in theory, but wonder how hard it is to get rid of fleas once they arrive. Our dog doesn't interact with other dogs that much, so reckon it probably has a low flea risk. Frontline spray might be a safer, better and more economical option.

        Being in a suburban environment, I wonder how high a risk ticks are. We do take the dog camping occasionally, and wonder if putting a tick collar on when we go might be a better option.

        We've been using Big 5 with no issues, expect the dog absolutely hates one of them (the large brown "chewable" one, can't remember which), hence my interest in Spectra.


        Sentinel the active ingredient is different (not as strong, ie: can take 24hrs instead of 2hrs).
        When your Vet recommends a product, ask how much commission they are receive.

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      I've been using Nextra on my dachshund for nearly 4 years without any issue. I'd wager you can't find a single heartworm/tick/flea pill that doesn't have claims of people's dogs dying or nearly dying. Not saying they're not true, but I think it demonstrates it's a bit of a dice roll for your pet.

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    For a 3 pack? This deal is a 6 pack….


      Ahh, so it is! Thanks for pointing it out.


    I’ve got a puppy that’s 5kg. He’s 10 weeks.
    Would this be suitable?


      He’s a medium dog and will be about 10-15kg when full size

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        You buy for the current weight. If it’s a puppy I wouldn’t buy a 6pack as it would probably need the next dosage size up before 6 months

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          Thank you