Shopping Square Problems with SD Card

Back in May, I bought a Samsung EVO Plus 128GB microSD card when it was listed on Ozbargain. It was eventually sent and it arrived a bit late- not a really big deal.

I used the supplied SD card adapter and plugged it into my laptop SD socket for testing. I used H2testw which has worked flawlessly for all previous SD cards up to now. It revealed that the SD card was faulty.

As a result of the testing, the SDcard was rendered unusable- it could not be repairedusing CHKDSK in Windows and it would not reformat on my laptop, my desktop or on my Sony A7 camera.

Also, I read the QR code on the packaging and it went to Google Play and invited me to install WeChat- what is that about?

After a bit of back and forth I was given a fault code and I sent it back to them. Unfortunately, I did not use any registered postage.

Magically, Shoppingsquare are saying that it never arrived. I put my return address on the back and it has not come back to me. This is a first.

Has anyone else had this experience? I find it difficult to believe that the card never arrived.

I have lost faith with this company.

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    It's not beyond the realms of possibility that the item got lost in the post, but their reviews don't paint a positive picture:

    Cut your losses and move on. If it turns up then it does but consider it gone and lesson to send registered/tracked returns.

  • Yeah. I followed their instructions scrupulously but didn't think to include tracking. That was perceived as an opportunity, evidently.

    I'll wait a bit and eventually go to the link you posted to share my experience.

    • Hi mate i have a faulty samsung evo 128gb if you would like it, as i got a refund but was told to keep it, i have no use for a faulty micro sd card

  • Negative review left on
    That was theraputic- I feel a bit better.

  • If you dealt with samsung directly, it may have been better. I think i did a claim with sandisk and all they wanted was a picture of the sd card with a hold drilled before sending a replacement. no send back needed.

    • When was your last claim? For Sandisk,Last year did 2 warranty and both need to be sent back

      • Can't remember. But I did ask for them to send me a self-addressed envelop if they wanted me to send it back to them. They then said, ok how about pics of sd card destroyed instead.

  • I bought a 128gb sd card from this same place, they said its 100% Australian stock with Australian warranty. The packaging was in chinese and was not australian stock. Luckily it was working fine so i didnt do anything about it.

    • I had the same experience when buying a 128GB Samsung EVO. Seems ok but was surprised by the packaging

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    They should have been banned here long ago.

    • Hi, Shoppingsquare Australia is NOT related to

      Any you always can pm me if you are having any problem for the order with Shoppingsquare. We are here to help.

  • Hi

    you may pm me with the order details, I might be able to help. Cheers

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