Will ShopBack Pay out Just The Remaining Part of an Amazon Order if I Refund Only One Item?

Title says it all. Bought 5 items at once on Amazon, one of the $20 items is crap and needs to be returned, but I don't want to invalidate the entire $500 purchase and ~$35 cashback.

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    They won’t recalculate the cashback deficit

    If you return any part of the order, it would compromise the entire cashback that you would be otherwise entitled to..

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      Thanks. That's a bummer. Maybe I'll try dumping it on Facebook market or something first.

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        Can confirm losing the entire cashback if you refund. I raised a ticket and after a lot of back and forth emails I was ghosted for several months until they suddenly had a change of heart and awarded the cashback for the remaining item. I wouldn't recommend you do that though.

  • best to buy things seperately

    • Great point..

      I wanna know why some donut decided to dislike your comment though..

  • wait till cash back in account, then refund?

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      That's what the cashback waiting period is there to take care of.

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    $20 in the hand vs. $35 in the bush.