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[TAS] 6.6kW Mono PERC Solar Panels + Solis 5kW Inverter Installed: $5,990 (Installed) @ Solar Link Australia


Hello, Ozbargains community!

Offer repeated and extended to 13 September by popular demand

We have additional spaces for our exclusive and compelling August 2021 deal for Tasmania! Enquire now and you might have a fully functioning Solar PV System to heat your homes without worrying about your bills β˜ƒ!

We have another exclusive and compelling Winter 2021 deal ❄❄❄for Tasmania! Enquire now and you might have a fully functioning Solar PV System to heat your homes without worrying about your bills!

Considering the current economic situation, the sunny weather, and the federal incentives in Tasmania, this deal will fast track you to an affordable solar system with performance and quality whilst reducing the increasing cost of electricity bills, especially for those who work from home.

6.6kW Solar PV System fully installed for $5,990 upfront after STC Federal Incentives.

What does this exclusive deal include?

18 x Tier 1 Mono PERC Risen BLACK FRAME 370W Panels (15-year Product Warranty and 25-year Performance Warranty).
*Australia's largest Solar Farm (132 MW) in WA was installed using Risen Panels late last year: https://www.merredinsolar.com.au/ & https://youtu.be/d_uQltQcjUA *

1 x 5kW Solis Inverter. Equipped with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind!

5-year Workmanship Warranty

Professional and Knowledgeable CEC-accredited retailer with 10 years of industry experience

Risen BLACK FRAME 370W MONO PERC Panel: https://solarlinkaustralia.com.au/product/risen-rsm132-6-370...
Solis 5kW Inverter: https://solarlinkaustralia.com.au/product/solis-4g-5kw-singl...

To get this special exclusive deal you will have to email your full name, address and contact number for the proposal directly to
[email protected]

If you have an old switchboard with a ceramic fuse please mention it in the email.

Note: Deal is quoted for single-phase properties. Additional charges may apply, these include: Concrete & Terracotta tile roofs +$200, 2-Storey +$200, 3-Phase +$550, Freight Charge (if beyond 50km from Metro areas).

*Referral Scheme
We also have a tantalising referral bonus if you refer a family or friend! What's better, we will provide a $100.00 bonus to both you and a family/ friend if both of you place an order with us!

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Kindly submit your queries to [email protected] with your full name, address and contact number.

Thank you for your interest!

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  • +3 votes

    Why is this system so much more expensive than other deals you have posted for other states?


      Hello Tassieeagle,

      Thank you for your query!

      The reason for the differences in pricing is due to the following factors,

      1) Freight costs between the Mainland & Tasmania
      2) Additional pre-requisite local council & building surveying approval required for solar PV work which are not present in other states.
      3) Lower Federal Incentives based on where it is located within the STC Zones

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional queries.



        No offense to you but when I see the mainland get much better deals it makes me wonder.

        I'll keep waiting for prices to be more reasonable here.

  • +2 votes

    this is not a bargain.


    Would someone be so kind to help explain this to me? Does this system need a battery to store the power? It is included in the price? Or is it extra if you want a battery? Not sure how these work.


      Hello 88dozz,

      Thank you for your query!

      If the system is grid-connected (i.e., the property is connected to the grid via an energy distributor), a battery is not required. The package we are offering does not come with a battery as it is a grid-connected package.

      If you would like a specialised quote with a battery included, we recommend contact us at [email protected] to explore suitable options for your property.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further questions or concerns.


        Thanks for the reply, it's very much appreciated. One more question, and this might sound silly, but does this mean because there is no battery that power would only be supplied from the solar unit during daylight hours? If there's no battery to store the energy does it rely on grid power at night?

        • +1 vote

          Correct, you'll be generating power starting from the sunrise to the sunset and there will be no way to store it (i.e. use it or lose it).

          That being said, depending on the energy providers in your region (I don't know about Tasmania) you may be able to sell the unused power you generate back to the provider, generally at a lower rate called FIT (feed-in tariff). Not as efficient as a battery but at least your unused energy won't get wasted.


            @bio: Ok great! I understand better now. Thanks so much for the info.


    Are you prepared to give a cost breakdown of parts and installation?


      πŸ¦— πŸ¦— πŸ¦—


    Can these offers and incentives be claimed to replace existing unit? Our inverter apparently 15 yrs or older, blew out within the first couple weeks of moving to the house and been off since.


      Hello eaddd87,

      Thank you for your query!

      The federal incentives available in Tasmania only apply if it includes the PV modules (i.e., panels).

      If only the inverter requires replacement, the federal incentives are not applicable. However, we recommend emailing us at [email protected] with further information on your situation so that we can assist you with a replacement if required.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.



    Ooof that's an expensive system.

    Poor Tasmanians.
    Maybe their government really doesn't want renewables.

    FWIW my system came in at $2,200


      Lucky you. These prices here certainly do not incentivise investing in a system.


        It's rough because at this price the payoff for the system (at roughly $350 a year) would be 17 years.

        I feel not many people would plan that long term.


      Tassie has more Hydro Power than they know what to do with


        Ah that would make sense
        Need to get that ROI somehow.

        Pity that they have to choose between stranded assets (with no demand) if they supported solar.

        At least theyre both renewable