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Canon EOS M50 Camera with EF-M 15-45mm IS STM Lens $689 Delivered @ Amazon AU


All thanks to the many camels.

A hobbit size lens.

Great for the video blogs and self cooking tutorials. Compact, fits into a handbag really easily. Highly recommended for vblogs. Will need an adapter for you to use the Elvish or the Orc (Full size) lenses.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Any good for night photography and astrophotography?

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      That specific setup is not terrible, but not particularly good either. If you haven't done much astro though, it's not a bad starting point. If you're just jumping in though, I'd suggest rolling with this for a while or better yet finding something cheaper second hand.

      If you want to upgrade though, for astrophotography, conventional wisdom says you want the lowest aperture you can get with a focal length of ~15-30mm. This is a crop sensor, so you multiply the focal length on the lens by 1.6, so you want 9mm (which doesn't exist) to 22mm (fairly wide for budget lenses).

      The best fast/wide EF-M lens (that fits this camera) I could find that's cheap is the 22mm f/2, which will give you 35mm effective at a pretty decent aperture, and can be had for $200 new (though I'd suggest looking or second hand) https://www.amazon.com.au/Canon-EF-M-STMLens-Siilver-EFM2220.... It's not the latest and greatest Astro lens in the world, but I doubt you can find better price to performance. Do your own research first, I'm not too familiar with the Cannon lineup and I'm just assuming that both being EF-M will mean it all works.

      All in all not a terrible setup for the price, I'd still suggest going with the base kit (or something cheaper second hand) and using that until you come up against its limits before upgrading. Do your research into the competitors though, because this camera has a pretty old sensor in it at this point, and astro performance scales pretty linearly with how new the sensor is (one of the main things they're improving these days is lowlight and high iso performance, the two things that matter most to astro). That being said, good equipment does not make up for lack of experience, and exposure stacking is so good these days you can make an entry level camera and kit lens work well enough in a pinch.

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      It's a decidedly poor option for low light and astro. A scientific measuring of sensor capability on Photons to Photos shows that performance falls well behind even micro four thirds; a system with a smaller sensor.

      You're better off picking up a second hand a6000 for a couple hundred (superior sensor despite releasing in 2014) and putting the dollars toward better optics. At least that way you have an organic upgrade path if you decide to get more serious, something eos-m lacks.


        Thanks! I thought so but I never read into that model's specsso I just wanted to make sure :)

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    Great price for this camera.

    Comparison to the Sony zv-1 which this camera seems to go up against.


    Not saying which one is better than the other. Just saying both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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    Who else is patiently waiting for a deal on the Sony A7C?


    how does this compare to say… a 700D?