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3pk Bamboo Briefs - 5 Combos $9.95 (Were $44.95) + Delivery (Free w/ $60 Spend) @ Bamboozld


Bamboozld 3pk briefs featuring fun designs, for people with personality!
Made from sustainable Bamboo/Cotton stretch jersey, these briefs simply rock.
Our briefs are slim fitting for smooth layering providing comfort and support
Luxuriously soft and breathable, this antibacterial fibre prevents odour and its moisture wicking properties ensure all day freshness and comfort
Eco-friendly, sustainable and hypoallergenic
All Bamboozld products are certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100


Size availability Small-3XL

XXS - 66 - 71 cm
XS - 72 -79 cm
Small - 80-85cm
Medium 86-92 cm
Large 93-99 cm
XL 100 - 108 cm
2 XL 109 - 115 cm
3XL 116-125 cm

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    Price in title pls

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    Do you have any men's ones?

  • So what's the discount?

  • large is not discounted. - $24.95

  • Mens 3pk Briefs Was $44.95 now $9.95
    Thanks for flagging large pricing discrepancy, will amend now.

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    I hate the use of the term bamboo now I know it's not actually a natural textile (fibres are too short). "Bamboo" is literally rayon (or viscose). They basically chemically remove the cellulose from bamboo and it doesn't retain any of its natural properties, it's just wood pulp. Maybe it's slightly more sustainable because bamboo is fast growing but it's still just spin. Can't comment on the deal but I feel like the terminology is false advertising when I see it anywhere.

    • Didnt know that, thanks for the comment

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      Bamboo production has moved on from Rayon style production - it is now mostly a Lyocell style production similar to Tencell which is a closed loop so it re-cycles water and removes any chemical residue as a solid which is then treated with a Biotech product which converts it to a safe product they use as fertilisers.

      Lots of development is happening in this field and Bamboo is easily the most sustainable fibre on the planet both for it's ease of growth and ease of production as well as having little to zero negative impacts on ecology.

      It's also awesome to wear!

      • OP do you have any links regarding this for further reading?

        • Hi - if you google bamboo Lyocell you will see a world of information from numerous sources now - it often compares the old and new technology so you get a good understanding of the changes that have been made - all for the better.

      • how is the feel / durability different to rayon?

        • The feel of bamboo is very similar to Silk - very soft and smooth on the skin which makes it a joy to wear - you just forget you have it on.
          We have blended our bamboo with Cotton for many years to enhance the durability but for the past few seasons we have been using mostly 100% Bamboo fibres as the technology has allowed for a longer staple length which then allows for a better spun yarn and less pilling and tufting.
          We reinforce certain areas of our socks to assist with that so you get best bang for buck.

    • thanks for bringing this up. i didn't know about it until recently when someone else brought that up in another offer. my takeaway from those comments was that the 'bamboo' is in the end a synthetic and cotton is still a better material.
      i'm curious about those natural bamboo claims when the processing renders the natural properties useless?

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        Thanks for your interest - The claims are all true around Bamboo - the end fibre is still 100% bamboo - the process simply converts the cell structure of the fibres into a solution that can be extruded into a filament - nothing is added to it so what comes out is what goes in other than some sodium based product that helps break down the tough fibres.
        It still retains many of the original qualities of Bamboo in that it still assists with reducing odour - has incredible moisture transference properties and is just a joy to wear.
        Cotton on the other hand has been treated with so many chemicals just to get it to the harvest stage - plus very heavy chemicals in the processing stage so there is no comparison on the better product for the environment - bamboo wins hands down - bamboo is by far the better product to wear.
        feel free to get in touch and I'll happily supply a pair for you to try yourself.

        • thanks for explaining and your offer, I'd pay for it myself to give it a try. Although I'm waiting for discounts in shirts and trunks/boxers. :)

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    Not really a fan of brief style. Can’t argue with price though.

    Those after mid length or similar to step ones, maybe look at Kmarts option.


    • They (Bamboozld) have 3 packs of trunks available for $20 as well

      • in XS only

        • Yeah, how odd!

    • Bamboozld also caries a wide range of trunk Styles in pattern and plain options as well as what we believe are the best boxer shorts on the market - this add was for a briefs special deal but feel free to shop around once your in the site.

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        Any sale on trunk styles?

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          There will be some deals on other products coming through - pls keep an eye out as we can only post one product a day - thankyou for your interest though - much appreciated

          • @Wallyh: Hi Wallyh,

            I am also interested in some trunk styles

            I'm not a fan of the Stepone trunks but seem to fit well in CK trunks. How do your trunks compare?

            • @Suspect420: It is a personal preference of course but our trunks were modelled off a cut very similar to CK classic styles
              The fabric is very stretchy but our fit is much more generous than Step One and as always I recommend you buy a fit that is not tight - check the sizing to get the right fit for you.

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    Bamboozld boxers are legendary. No deals on boxers?

    • Yes. Looking for boxers deal

    • Hi Rep,

      Sizes are limited atm. Will you be getting more stock in and offering the same price?


  • size 32 for pants.

    is that a S or Medium?

    • I would give a medium a go - Small would be too firm I believe - really depends on your build - if skinny with no bum go a medium - my son is a 32 pant but prefers the Large as he has a big butt and thicker legs

  • I've been a fan of bamboo until I noticed after a number of washes the material thins out

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