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Breville Duo-Temp Pro Espresso Machine BES810BSS $289 + Shipping / CC @ BIG W


Low Pressure Pre-Infusion - Gently delivers water pressure to ensure balanced flavours are drawn from all grinds
Thermoblock/Thermocoil - Cold water passes through the pathway within what is essentially a block of heated metal
Purge Function - Flushes the over heated water required for steaming back to the optimal espresso extraction temp
220V - 240V
1700W power

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • +1

    I have one - fine for a low budget if paired with a good grinder.

    Would strongly recommend the model above.

    • Whats the next model above and how much?

      • The 'infuser' has been 399 previously I believe. Bought this for a family member and its significantly better.

        If budget is no problem the dual boiler is by far 6 the best

  • This or Bambino plus for $350 ish?

    • Bambino Plus.
      Where are you getting it for $350?

      • Bambino is $360 @ bigw but I'm not seeing the Bambino plus for that price.

        • Will likely be the Good Guys Commercial store.

  • +1

    I had this for a year and recently replaced it with a Bambino Plus. I was attraced to the Bambino Plus because of the form factor and the auto-frothing functionality.

    I've had the Bambino Plus for a month now and can safetly see it was 100% the right decision. So many things work in its favour. It looks great on the bench, the heat up time is instantaneous, it's easy to clean and the auto-frothing feature saves a heap of time in the mornings when you are in a rush. On top of that, everything has been programmed so that my wife can easily make a coffee as well which she found difficult on the Duo-Temp.

    • How do you find the size of the Bambino - does it move around a bit when you lock in the portafilter
      It looks like you would need to use two hands, one for the portafilter and the other to push against the Bambino to it doesn't move
      The auto fother and time look like they make it almost fool proof?

      • Yeah definitely, it moves around a lot when locking in the portafilter. Small price to pay in my eyes though for a machine that has such a small footprint.

        The auto-frother and timer do make it fool proof, however it still gives you enough freedom to be creative. When I make it, I do it more manual. When my wife makes it, she uses whatever I have programmed.

        • Yeah, I’m still using my version of this machine that’s about 12 years….the thing just won’t die! :)
          Replaced the ports filter about 2 years ago, it’s been camping about a half dozen times and just keeps going.

          I’ve got upgraditis bad, but can’t throw away a perfectly good working machine

  • Suggestion please. This one or Delonghi Dedica EC685?

  • Back on sale.

  • Its amusing to see the ad promote a thermoblock as a positive.

    • Is it not a positive? I've been using an aeropress for the better part of 10 years so these automatic machines are all black magic to me.

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