Youfoodz Signed a $125 Million Takeover by Global Meal Kit Company HelloFresh


Hopefully now all the bullshit 'racist' rant neggers can move on.

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    I'm glad I only brought the food and not the IPO.

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      Whered you bring it from?

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    My sincere thanks dmbminaret, since you provided so many order numbers and I completed my analysis I made a nice bundle.
    Hopefully I was able to help others on this forum retire early too.

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      Nice one mate!

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      What was your analysis for? I presumed study.

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    Hopefully now all the bullshit 'racist' rant neggers can move on

    Why so salty.

    • Everytime a deal is posted, people carry on about the CEO's misso acting dumb years ago

      • True, but then when you know people are a liability you should keep them out of mind and out of sight. Even BEV Messiah himself is only tolerated because he is producing flashy toys and was helping people make lots of money in crypto (not he is a liability it seems).

        I wouldn't think the now former CEO of our favourite shopping site that gives us a smile A to Z would get away with the same kind of borderline market manipulative tweeting. But then that is just me.

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        …so? Scroll past?

        • …so? Scroll past?

          Exactly my point.

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            @dmbminaret: So why can't you do it?

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              @Autonomic: I'm coming on to the post to engage with the community, get the code, share other codes and ultimately purchase from the deals.

              Others are coming to the post just to neg for a two year old tabloid article that may not even be relevant any longer if mate has broken up with the bird or she's in a ditch somewhere.

              You tell me, who should be scrolling on? Plenty more posts to engage in.

              • @dmbminaret: I'm just pointing out your hypocrisy. Your whining isn't any more valid than theirs. I cannot for any reason imagine why someone would be against calling out racist behaviour.

                • @Autonomic: I'm not whining. I made a forum post with current news of this week and mentioned how maybe now there would be less negs on youfoodz deals due to different ownership and racist comments nullified.

                  Where does hypocrisy fit in? I can't not see them on the posts that I look at as a purchaser. I do scroll past and continue to make my bargain purchase that I came for.

                  They can scroll on from the front page without even commenting.

                  I'm not against calling out racist behaviour. They've been called out. The news is old.

                  • @dmbminaret: You're here whining about the comments calling them out. You whine in the youfoodz deal threads as well.

                    • @Autonomic: I'm 'whining' about calling them out 2+ years later, over and over.

                      I'm 'whining' that people feel the need to neg on deals due to old tabloid news rather than experience of the product.

                      I'm 'whining' that they can't scroll on from the front page when they have no intention of purchasing a product from that deal.

                      If that is whining, ok, guilty.

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      The use of ‘bullshit’ indicates that these neggers are wrong in their assertion that there were no racist remarks made by the founder of Youfoodz and his fiance. Since they were caught on video making racist utterances and ridiculing Asians then such comments are entirely accurate.

      A more accurate statement by the poster should be:

      “I hope that everyone can forget these racist statements made and despite being clearly documented I do not take them seriously because they are not aimed at me and therefore everyone should forget about them.”

      • I don't dispute that video. Neither am I for / against any person or race.

        I think generally there is a problem in society. Asian people say things about other races, even their own. Asian is pretty broad, I mean south Chinese don't like north Chinese, Hong Kong people don't like mainland people. You get where I am going.

        Even in the middle east there is a divide. Sunni Muslims don't like Shia Muslims. Imagine if hummus can chose who can eat them.

        I am always of the opinion if there is nothing good to say just keep it to yourself. If you have enough money you can say whatever you want. Except most people never have enough money that is why a certain media mogul wants their new papers to sway political and public opinion.

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          My opinion is that in a free and democratic society like Australia you can say what you what, however that doesn’t excuse you from the consequences of making that statement.

          • @Icecold5000:

            My opinion is that in a free and democratic society like Australia you can say what you what

            I think the problem is people interpret that as to include saying things offensive and then deal with the consequences.

            It is free and democratic if you have a valuable and valid opinion / criticism to express. Unfortunately a lot of stuff people say are garbage.

            Just like how many tens of thousands of thoughts people have go through their heads a day and very few are genuinely good.

            • @netjock:

              It is free and democratic if you have a valuable and valid opinion / criticism to express. Unfortunately a lot of stuff people say are garbage.

              Valuable and valid are subjective depending on the listener. As long as no violence is involved in replying its all good.

      • racist remarks made by the founder of Youfoodz and his fiance

        I can only hear his girlfriend. Of all the times I've watched this video in youfoodz deals, I cannot hear a male making any racial remarks.

        The use of ‘bullshit’ indicates that these neggers are wrong in their assertion

        Refer to previous

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    So many of these meal delivery companies start-up and disappear. Whether go bust or get taken over or whatever. They don't seem to be sustainable at all or something else fishy is going on.

    • Coz with food, scale matters, and its hard to get the scale to achieve profitability. Merging and creating a bigger base is required. Even when you are doing 200m of Rev you are still yet to hit profit goes to show how competitive and how much consumers benefit.

      • Part of the problem is also wastage. If you don't sell it and have to dump it then it is profit in the bin. Reporting of various lock downs and food businesses having to throw thousands of dollars of stuff in the bin.

        • And scale helps reduce wastage.

          Lockdowns is a whole different issue, but you correctly describe the status quo

          • @cloudy:

            And scale helps reduce wastage.

            Theory. But depends on how you call wastage.

            You predict you are going to sell 10T of food this month. But you sold 9T. 1T dumped.
            Alternatively you give discounts to sell the full 10T but you made $0 on the last 1T. Worse case is you make less on part of the 9T you could have sold at full price.

            You scale 10X and selling 100T but you dumped 2T which 2% vs the 10% you dumped at 10T.

            The best part about start ups is VCs willing to plough money to give discounts. Just looked at Youfoodz share price. From 1.08 Dec 20 to 40c now 92c on takeover.

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      or they start up with good quality food, then start using cheaper and cheaper ingredient until it resembles cheap frozen meals. Youfoodz used to have decent food back when I first used them 5 or 6 years ago, once they started with all the discounts it quickly went downhill.

  • Move on with a $125m

  • Interesting, less competition in the market, I wonder what will happen to pricing.

    Why do you care if people chose to boycott yf for their own reasons? You’ve always been able to buy the meals no matter who owned it.

    I haven’t tried yf or hellofresh but have contemplated it.

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      YF will still be around. I love Hello Fresh and I wouldn't be surprised if HF end up packaging their meals premade under the YF brand

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        I’ve heard YF quality has been varied, so this is probably a good chance to improve. It needs to be good quality for the price point. I’m sure I’ll get round to trying at some point.

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          I moved on from YF ages ago after the quality did indeed drop. Currently on a protein shake in the mornings, a My Muscle Chef meal for lunch and Hello Fresh for dinner. If Hello Fresh do take over the recipies and quality control of YF, I'll no doubt go back

  • SUPER-DEAL doesnt work no more : (

    • Bugger. My last orders have been through 4x recurring 9 meals for $49. Still got two more drops left to go. not too sure if still available but there was a post with the code.