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ASICS GEL KAYANO 27 Running Shoes - $130 Delivered (Other Styles Also Discounted) @ Sportsco


Gel Kayano 27's have recently been replaced by the Kayano 28's. Hard to find them at this price.

Been scoping out prices and just saw this whopping drop in price at Sportsco. Has Mens and Womens styles available.

Also a whole bunch of other Asics runners on sale too (https://www.sportsco.com.au/sale/asics/)

Free shipping over $100

Can't vouch for their site reviews but took a punt!.

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  • I spent around $160 on these a couple of months ago, good shoe. Never really invested that much in runners before, worth it.

    • im upgrading from Kayano 22's….skip a few versions. Love the shoe but hardly seen any discounts on them despite the 28's being released a few weeks back. Amazing price for this shoe.

      • +1

        This'll be my first Kayano. My entry was a Moya as a work shoe and has lasted me the last 2 years, despite early breakdown at the inside cushion of the heel which has only just become so severe to be uncomfortable. I've been using a GT-1000 as an exercise shoe and they are amazingly comfortable and supportive, so expecting big things from a Kayano. Thanks heaps OP 👍

        • As a GT-2000 user I can say that these would be better for running rather than training. I believe the cushioning wouldn’t last as long if you do heavy weights, that's how I ruined my Kayano-23.

  • How do they compare with ultra boost

    • +3

      Extreme cushioning vs a supportive and well cushioned serious running shoe.

      Kayano if you're looking to run a lot, ultra boosts if you just want something comfy to walk around in.

    • +2

      Kayano 27 More comfortable
      Ultraboost look

    • +1

      If you roll in or need arch support - ultraboosts are really not good for your feet, so potentially bad even for extended walking, but look sharp. Kayano on the other hand are very supportive and have really rigid arch support, but rather ugly and bulky, so more for activity.

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    Shame they don't come in 2E or 4E.

    EDIT: May be able to price match with Rebel though..

    • +1

      I bought the wide 2E 27s from Rebel with the Ultimate gift cards being 15% off at Woolies costing me 170 (were on "sale" at Rebel for 200, down from 260).
      The very next day there was 25% cashback with $50 cap on Shopback, and would have cost me 150.

      Currently Rebel has a 15% cashback so can still get these at Rebel for 170 (effectively after cashback)

  • +2

    Thanks op, to buy one or 2 pairs… Great price, nearly purchased the old 26s which were reduced to $150 at rebel over the weekend. This looks like a ripper deal.

  • Thanks OP, great deal

  • +3

    Best working shoes I ever had. I need black tho. I used this as a nursing shoes best support and comfort.

  • any advice on sizing up/down?

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      If your a sz12 go 11.5.

  • Thank OP, just opened a box of new K23s for tomorrow, these are an absolute steal at this price.

    These are the best running shoe ever built, they (as far as I am aware) are the only running shoe that support high arch feet. On average they last 18-24months in them 5/7 days all day.

    Buyers will not be disappointed.

    Also the way you tie the top of these makes a huge difference to the way they fit.

    • +6

      These are actually for over pronation, where the foot rolls inward due to flat feet. I've got flat feet and these are really great runners for me.

      See the bottom of this kayano description from Asics.

      • Same here. Time for an upgrade from my 23's.

      • +2

        That is only a generally idea on what shoe would be ideal for flat feet/over pronation.

        I have flat feet as well, got the ASICS kayano that was recommended by Athletes Foot, I've had repeated injuries from it. Went to see a running shoe store and enquired about the problem. Got fitted with a different shoe that changed what I believed about flat feet.

        Recommendation: guys at Athletes Foot don't know what they're talking about when it comes to running, see running store.

        • +1

          Which shoe did the running shoe store recommend?

        • Why don’t you visit one of the Asics Flagship store that have the facility to check pronation? I went there to get Kayanos but the amazing rep checked my pronation & asked my use case, then he recommended GT-2000 which was $60 cheaper at that time. I absolutely loved the support it provided, I used to have ankle/knee pain due no support provided by my previous shoe & since then I have become a loyal Asics customer.

          • @Wrongguy: Sounds good that Asics provided that assistance. The running store I went to had a variety of brands which I like.

      • Absolutely. I have wide and flat feet. My (awesome) physio only recommended 3 shoes and asked me to wear all of them and buy the one that feels the best.

        Asics Kayano
        Brooks GTS
        Nike Structure

        Told me the above 3 are best for over-pronation (flat feet)

  • Are these US or UK shoe sizes?

    • +2

      Always US sizing

      • Thanks heaps 😊

  • +2

    spewing no size 11 :(

  • +3

    Website's getting hammered.

  • anyone get a confirmation email after buying?

  • +2

    can't load the site

    • and… yup, finally loaded with only size 12..

  • Agreed on previous comments about a quality built shoe with great stability (ran in my 26s for over 1300 kms and still looks pretty good) - but for some reason ASICS decided to make a "harder" insole for recent Kayanos (same problem with the 26) which gives them a reduced cushioning feel (it's already not as good as others like Hoka One One) - I like the stability of this shoe (I'm an overpronator) but wasn't happy about the cushioning.
    I replaced the insole with an older Kayano model that had a more cushioned version and it's made a huge improvement!

  • +1

    By the time I reached checkout (took 5 mins to load) it was OOS
    well there is always better deal next time

  • +3

    The site is getting OzBargained hard. Got a pair in size 12 after many reloads. Thanks OP.

  • Only US 12 and 14 left

  • Ahh my time to shine - 14 thank you very much.

  • K13 means ?

    • The K is for Kids I believe

  • Ozbargained hard, removed "add to bag" button

  • Got myself some size 14!
    Timed out constantly when trying to complete checkout but attempt #5 went through.
    Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Finally someone comes up with a good Kayano deal.
    So many posts about these for $180-$220 "on special"

    good get OP.

    But yes these can be had at most DFO's for around this price.

  • +1

    Ozbargained hard. So sad. Had a hard day of exercise yesterday and had to wear my K23s to work. Made my day possible otherwise I'd be limping so much more in dress shoes!

  • Damn, this is a good deal, but website not responding.

  • too late to the party…thanks OP. will have to keep my k21's!! for a bit longer

    • How many kilometres on a shoe that old?!

  • How can every single size be sold out so quickly?

    • +1

      If it be a bargain and appears on OzBargain, expect the bargain to exist, no more.

    • -1

      Bought by staff maybe?

  • I went into rebel couple years back with my old kayano’s to get them replaced. Wasn’t that impressed with the new models when I tried them on but by a stroke of luck they had 2 boxes of the old models out the back that hadn’t sold. Scored them for $100 each.

    For those that missed the sale maybe hit up your local shoe store

  • Looks like they have 'run' out now.

  • +2

    anyone got a confirmation email? I got an order number but no confirmation email..

  • What a great deal! Nice find OP, unfortunately no 9.5s!

    My current ones are still going strong, paid ~180 during last deal.

  • Got an email just now saying it was a computer glitch and Sportsco are refunding me.
    I knew it was too good to be true!

    • +1

      I got my order confirmation at purchase (Jul-13), nothing further, unanswered email and call/message. Anyone getting these?

      • same, they haven't replied to emails.. I'm thinking of cancelling through Paypal. :(

        • Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one.

          Frustrating right! Delay in delivery and then no communication even after calls/emails. Will make me think twice next time with Sportsco.

          I'm still holding out… would love these shoes at this price.

          I've contacted my local store and forwarded my order confirmation to them, who will follow-up with their e-commerce team 🤞

        • Refunded 😢

    • +1

      Refunded for me too, pretty annoying a week I'm. Hopefully some good deals coming soon with the release of less terrible 28 colours.

  • odd, no confirmation, no email. but auspost has sent me a "we are preparing your order" message.

    • Just got a support reply, it's been shipped.

      Probably a supply issue … Ozbargained

    • arrived today 2/8

  • Mine was booked on 15th July from Melb and arriving in Perth 10/8.

    I got stuff from Amazon USA faster than it takes to come from Vic…lol

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