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BlitzWolf BW-MS1 Monitor Stand with Rotation Tilt, Swivel & Adj Height for US$22.99 (~A$31.25) Delivered @ Banggood AU


BlitzWolf BW-MS1 Monitor Stand with Pneumatic Arm on sale for ~$32 with coupon. Suited to smaller screens of 27" or less and no more than 6.5kg according to the specs. The reviews on the site are almost all 5 star.

Delivered from an Australian warehouse.

Coupon: BGaf79b2


  • Model: BW-MS1
  • Size: 263mm523mm562mm*401mm
  • Net Weight: 1.425kg
  • Rotation: 360° Rotation, +90° to -45° Tilt, 180°Swivel
  • Head Type: Quick Assembly Design
  • Screen Size: 13"to 27"
  • Load: 2-6.5kg
  • VESA Standard: 75x75mm, 100x100mm
  • Mount Ways: Clamp Mount, Grommet Mount
  • Mounts Desks with a Thickness: 10-99mm

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    Its useless arm monitor
    I got the MS2 model and its crap
    Banggood help support is not good at all.
    Instead of solving the issue ,the rep keep asking about my order number ,sku number and not addressing the problem.
    You better get this one from Kogan and its cheaper and support bigger monitor


      I'm interested in this monitor arm - are you able to have the arm centred behind the monitor, or does it have to sit off to the side?


      The one you listed can't swing/tilt, better get this one

      $39 if you have Kogan first.


      dont know about this banggood model, but the kogan one is the entry level. comparing the kogan one to the banggood one is like apple to orange.


      could you elaborate further on how you are deeming the product crap?

      What monitor are you using the arm with?

      I'm interested as I've found both the MS1 and MS2 to be great value for money and have had no issues whatsoever using them with laptops and 24" monitors alike.

      I do feel that between the two that MS1 is probably overall a bit better with the cable management and overall stability/smoothness but I also like the extra height from MS2


    You get what you pay for with these. Got one of the $45 NB H80 deals that Ozbargain here loves and it's all right for the price, but it's garbage compared to the Silverstone monitor arm I have at work (~$180)

    • +1 vote

      what's the difference?

      • +8 votes



        The NB is very stiff, especially if it hasn't been adjusted for a while. If I loosen the settings tho it won't hold the monitor. It also has a tendency to go up more than I push it up (it springs up rather than follows where I want to put it). It also has a hard time adjusting the tilt. It's pretty good if you just want an arm that doesn't move, but it's kinda average if you want to adjust it regularly.

        On the other hand the Silverstone is super smoother and slick. It's very easy to move, rotate, push in, out, up, down, etc. I can happily adjust it several times throughout the day. It's using the same design and mechanisms so it's strictly a quality issue and not a design issue.


          I’m sure it’s not going to compare to your Silverstone, but you can reduce/increase the torque on the H80 (and F80) to make it easier to move around.


            @Master Bates: if i reduce torque, the monitor won't hold its place, it would either drop to the bottom because the monitor is too heavy, or spring to the top because monitor is too light.


          I haven't found the MS1 or MS2 to have this problem and i've been using them for more than 9 months at this stage


    Has anyone got a suitable monitor arm for a 34” Xia? Getting pretty fun neck pain from working from home the last few weeks


      I have that monitor. I use the NB F100a and I've got no major complaints with it. I've heard that the NB F80 can also fit the Xiaomi 34" but I decided to spend a little more to get something that is larger and sturdier.

      Moving it can be a bit stiff, but it doesn't drift once it's in place. The difference that I can see between the NB ones and the ones at work (presumably costing a while lot more) is the ease of movement. The ones at work are silky smooth when you move it around, and they also stay in place once you've settled on an orientation.


        Thanks for the detailed response! I ended up getting the same one that you have, might as well spend a bit more for something a bit more sturdier :)


    I got 2 of the Kogan gas spring monitor arms for a pair of 32" monitors and can recommend them.

    They come in Black or White and Support 9kgs. I think I got the pair for about $70 shipped on sale with a Kogan First trial.