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Catmate Wood Pellet Cat Litter 15KG $16.53 ($15.71 Auto Delivery), Fuzzyard Dogritos or Pupsi $9.07 + Delivery @ Pet Circle


Pet Circle are having up to 40% off four day sale that I think started Tuesday so assume finishes Friday.
The main deal though is to use in combination with AMEX offer if you have it - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/635266
Along with new user offer coupon or referral coupon (if you are lucky enough to have spare referral coupon already).

Pellet Litter is $16.53 or $15.71 with auto delivery: https://www.petcircle.com.au/product/catmate-wood-pellet-cat...

Use pellet litter with a sieve tray system like this: https://www.petcircle.com.au/product/catmate-cat-litter-tray...
Note the tray system is not on sale though and has been cheaper elsewhere. The scoop included is not good in that it can only be used to get the solid waste and does not work to sieve the sawdust used waste from the pellets that are still solid (if wanting to re-use unsoiled pallets when changing litter). A scoop like this is better option: https://www.cheapaschips.com.au/products/pc042

Amazon have priced matched the litter special at $16.53: https://www.amazon.com.au/Catmate-Wood-Pellet-Litter-15kg/dp...

There is also various discounts on Fuzzyard: https://www.petcircle.com.au/fuzzyard
Such as Dogritos or Pupsi at $9.07, although my dog would finish them within a couple hours (as in, destroy the toy):

Hill's Science Kitten Indoor 3.17kg also okay price at $33.68 or $30.32 auto-delivery:

Sorry for the poor formatting. I don't post often. I am not associated with Pet Circle or Catmate.

Note delivery "free to most metro and major regional areas when you spend over $49".

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    Pretty much can't buy cat litter is brisbane at the moment it's sold out everywhere. Sydney lockdown is to blame. I think bentonite cat litter from Aldi or Woolies is best.

    • Weird no problem getting litter anywhere in Sydney near me..

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    The cheaper alternative to the branded sieve tray system is to get a plastic strainer tray from the asian hardware shops for around $5-8, and pair it with a storage bin from Kmart. Been using this for a few weeks now and it makes clean-up very easy.

    • Yep, I use the grey storage bin from Kmart too with the higher sides so cat litter stays in the litter tray.

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        Would you please share which box you're using? Also a photo of possible? We were facing the same issue with the litter flying everywhere..

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          You can get something like this https://classichomewaregifts.com.au/products/plastic-straine... which should fit https://www.kmart.com.au/product/15l-storage-tub/3224832

          This set-up has a good gap between tray and tub so you can collect a significant amount of sawdust before discarding them. I should point out that the above set-up is slightly smaller than the typical cat litter tray.

          Another alternative is to buy two of Sistema 14L storage tub (1/2 price now at Big W), turn one into a tray by drilling holes.

          • @friedmaki: Thanks for the feedback.. We tried it with one of the larger storage boxes and they must have been to large for our cat to go in.. So had to remove it..

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              @Marcx33: I recently got one of the igloo shaped ones (french design) that has the Japanese technology to stop the smell penetrating the plastic or bacterial breeding? I am yet to put the lid on until I am sure my cat will keep using it. It has a built-in grating to stop leakage of litter, but, it is a larger size than replacement box, so be warned, cost $90 at Costco.

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                @marcozmitch: Made by Pidan, I got the white one. I think ultimately I would prefer stainless steel for everything Cat, as it is more hygienic, but it is costly, even a round stainless steel disc or aluminium foil inside the bottom of the Pidan will make me feel happier.

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          It's the stackable medium container. This one is best because no stacking groves Other containers have groves on the bottom to fit when stacked you don't want that because the litter gets caked in all the corners and is hard to clean. The sides are high but not too high.

  • Same price @ Amazon - Catmate Wood Pellet Cat Litter 15KG $16.53 without auto delivery.
    Love it, dry quickly, not smelly and 15kg bag can use it for a year.

    • How? I went through a bag in a month

      Edit: mind you I have 3 litter trays

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        Depends on your cat I guess.
        Mine loves to be outside, so not using much his litter.

        • Yeah, outside means lots of opportunities for garden visits 🙂.

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    Any comparison on how long a bag of this lasts compared to bentonite cat litter from Aldi?
    The bentonite cat litter (which is clumping) just returned at Aldi in SA yesterday from a few weeks of it not being available.
    The litter at Aldi is less than $6 a bag. (though weighs quite a bit).

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    Check Coles first. Catmate 7kg bags are on special for $6.75. Works out as $14.40 per 15kg.

    • Interesting, I've never seen them stocked. And even though I can google the product link, it comes up as 404 for me in Sydney.