Among Us Game - Any Deals?


I want this game and was thinking of buying it on Steam on PC. Just wondering if there are any deals soon?

Also wanted to know -

Is there a difference playing on steam or Epic games and is it easier to play on computer vs tablet?
Can I play online with randoms like in CSGO?
Should I buy just the game or the bundle with the skins and pets?



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    It's free for iPhone isn't it?

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      Mobile version is free. Also means you can use an android emulator like BlueStacks on PC to play it for free

      • hey thanks for the reply

        I was able to download free on my android phone

        just wanted to know how bluestacks work?

        Do i just install bluestacks on my pc and install the game on my pc with google play? and then i can play online on my pc for free?

        • Yeah pretty much. Download BlueStacks then install Among Us through the Google Play Store on BlueStacks. It will install and you can play it though there for free

  • Free on xbox game pass

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    Epic gave it away for free recently didn't they?

  • Almost pointless… tried two weekends in a row to play this game teamed up with my daughter and online with randoms, and after 30 mins of nothing but waiting and only 1 game, we ended up giving up on it. I think the fad for this game has well and truly died off.

    • That's really odd, there's definitely lots of active players

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      You got to use discord to connect and play with others

      • how does discord work?

    • what platform did you tried to play on?

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    Buy it on and you get both a DRM free copy and a Steam key.

    • thanks for suggestion

  • I wouldn't buy it on Epic.
    I don't know about others but I got it for free from Epic a few deals ago and I can't get it to work some "AuthError" that I can't get rid of.