I Purchased A Smartwatch from Amazon UK but Only Received A Wristband

I was very excited about my smartwatch purchase at the Amazon Prime Day.

I purchased a smartwatch at a heavily reduced price (it was Prime Day).

It was supplied and shipped by Amazon UK.

I went to the post office today and received a wristband only.

The tax invoice clearly state that I purchased a smartwatch.

I spoke to Amazon Australia today and they simply said, sorry, wrong item description.

Please send it back for a refund.

Australian Consumer law does state that an entity should not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct.

A price error is a price error but it the tax invoice state that I purchased a smart watch then…

Anyone else that had the same experience with Amazon?

I am not letting this go and will take it to the ACCC unless they send me the smart watch.

I have taken screenshots etc of the listing as proof of the deceptive conduct.

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    Take the refund maybe ask for gift card for your troubles.


      ^ This

      I had some ski racks shipped to me missing mounting hardware and they gave me the "send it back for a refund" reply too. I told them it was a waste of time coz they'd just be sending the item straight back to me and it may or may not have the correct hardware in the next box. They offered me a $30 gift card.

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    Why would the ACCC care about something purchased from the UK entity?

    What make/model is the watch, and how much did you pay for it?


      It was done via the Amazon Aus platform.

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        You’re being evasive -re what you thought you bought, and how much you paid for it.

        Neither have you provided a link, screenshot or info on the item, so it’s difficult to say more.

        If you paid a pittance for something that normally sells for 100’s of dollars (say $20-$50 for a watch that sells for $500+), then it changes things.

        No point is posting incomplete info then asking for opinions.

        If you do go down the consumer affairs (ACCC won’t look at this) route, then my advice is to be forthright and upfront in providing them all the relevant info.

        Generally speaking they won’t make a retailer lose money if there are more sensible options available (for e.g. refund buyer).

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    ok, firstly, ACCC are just a statistics company. they ask for the company name and then say thankyou. they wont fight this on your behalf.

    the company has requested you to return the goods at their expense, and will provide a refund. That is more than they have to do.

    entity should not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct.

    they are a 1 trillion dollar company, it's not in their business interest to try and rip you off over a watch.

    If you take this to court (which you wont), you'll lose. They offered you a refund, take it and move on.

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      Section 18 stipulates that it does not matter if it was their intention or not.

      What matters is that the consumer was mislead.

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        Support Australian companies if you want to be a happy little Vegemite.

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        Lol ok, take it to court then.


      Actually they do fight for you.

      A few years ago I purchased online something from a local shop that advertised the item under their own brand but instead I received same product that everyone else sold for half price and ACCC followed up with my complaint after the shop refused to refund and in the end the owner got in touch with me to have a resolution.


        Are you sure it wasn't office of fair trading?

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    I am not letting this go and will take it to the ACCC unless they send me the smart watch.

    Do update us, on how you go :)

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    Is the wristband of same smart watch? Maybe they are sending it in parts!

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    If Amazon already gave you refund for what you paid for, what else are you asking for ???

    You already get to keep that wrist band FOR FREE, may be some compensation AMAZON CREDIT from them.

    Go to ACCC, you'll loose the case surely, if amazon already refunded you in full, along with some extra credit.

    No need to be winging like a child, just buy from somewhere else, and perhaps avoid using amazon in future.


      "Please send it back for a refund."

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        Yea i mean its legally fair for amazon to ask for returning the item
        Who know may be OP is lying, ( I am not saying he is, but amazon may have suspicion of lying), especially when item bought is of a high value.

        Amazon likely wants to get the item so that they can perhaps take action against the seller's account.

        But yeah i dont understand what is OP's problem in sending item back for a refund, (shipping paid by amazon).

        Legally you wont be getting any more than you spend on the item, so better stick to the REFUND, or

        keep on winging like a child (before or after taking any case action etc). It is just BS honestly

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    Pictures or bs

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    Why did you speak to Amazon Australia if it was supplied and shipped by Amazon UK? And does Amazon Uk even give a tinker's cuss about ACCC?

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      As stated in the comment, OP purchased from Amazon AU from Amazon UK as the seller. As the transaction is between OP and an Australian entity, ACCC might get involved.

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    TL;DR: No bad experience with Amazon UK, US or AUS. Mistakes have been made but all fixed.

    Amazon UK sent me a Japanese opera CD instead of a backpack. I've contacted them and got a full refund for the backpack within 3 days and I can keep the CD. It's a bit annoying as I have to wait until mid-September for that backpack but meanwhile, I can relax with some Japanese opera.

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      I can relax with some Japanese opera

      That is a cruel and unjust punishment I'd say…


    If you think about how much you paid then I think it's obvious if you were meant to receive a smart watch or just the band, e.g. if you paid $5 then you get a watch band, if you paid $100 then I would also expect a smart watch


    Do you have the product link? Or if not there anymore, do you have the listing title of the item you bought?


    An update.

    I really pushed the issue hard but no luck ha ha haha….

    I sent it back to Amazon for a refund but Australia Post stuffed it up (please do not ask) and I did not receive a tracking number.

    Parcel with the wristbands were lost in transit.

    I contacted Amazon and explained what happened.

    It took them 30 seconds to decide that I would receive a refund anyway.

    So guess what, Amazon are pretty good anyway aah ha ha ha…