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Cats 4kg+: Advocate Flea & Worm Treatment 6pk $57.39 ($51.65 S&S), Drontal Allwormer Tablets 4pk $21.69 ($19.52 S&S) @ Amazon AU


[On back-order now, usually dispatched within 1-2 months, S&S no longer available]
Cheapest I have seen and as per Camel3x as well. Had S&S before for $59.39 so cancelled that and put this in for even better bargain.

Been using this on my 1 year old Ragdoll for 3 months now with no issues.

Edit: don’t forget 6% cash back for pet supplies from Cashrewards (only applicable for initial purchase in S&S)

Drontal Allwormer Tablets for Cats up to 4kg, 4 Pack $21.69 ($19.52 S&S) + Delivery (Free w/ Prime or $39 spend) @Amazon AU

Seems to a be a pet supplies price reduction in Amazon. Cheapest according to Camel3x.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Is your 1 year Ragdoll over 4kgs already?

    • She was 3.5ish when I started giving her these, now just over 4.

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    Large dogs also on sale https://www.amazon.com.au/Advocate-Dog-Meds-25kg-Pack/dp/B00...

    I've got a bit of a flea problem coming across from the dogs nextdoor so thanks for this deal. Might grab a new flea collar for the dog too.

  • I think I might switch back to Advocate, Bravecto may do ticks, but its the most horrid stuff I’ve ever had to put on my cat. Its like glue!

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    Was just about to head to petbarn to get some, even looked at Amazon a couple times this week and it was always around 70 bucks. Good find.

  • Thx mate

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    Scary stuff. I noticed my dog was a bit lethargic after this, so did some research; this is just one link of many https://www.productreview.com.au/c/tick-flea-control#search-.... If you just need a wormer - endogard gets really good reviews (no sick or dead dogs).

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      Never had issues with my previous dogs and current cat. Always used this brand.

  • Great deal, around 50 bucks is the price I look for. Usually from a dodgy eBay seller :)