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[QLD] Bonus $10 Credit & $10 Referral on Signup @ Beam Scooters/Bikes


Beam is launching in Brisbane next Thursday (July 22nd).

On signup I was given $10 credit as a new Brisbane user, I confirmed with their support there is no expiry of this credit once signed up. Was able to stack with the referral offer so have $20 on my new account.

Ensure you sign up with a referral code to get $20 credit.


Google Play

Referral Links

Referral: random (119)

$5 for referrer and referee.

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    Also this offer is still available, but at $4 credit - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/594796

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      Find the quiz under "the beam safe academy" menu item

      Assuming they don't shuffle the order of answers
      1 C
      2 D
      3 A
      4 C
      5 C
      6 C
      7 B
      8 B
      9 A
      10 A


    Hi OP. Wondering how do u signup? The app only says its not launched in Brisbane. Cant find signup option. Cheers


      Possibly you have to be in their “ride zone” not sure.

      The signup option in app was showing for me near/in the city.


        Thanks. Yeah mocked my location to cbd and signed up successfully.


    Do the credits ever expire?


    Referral is back to $5, post updated.


      Post updated as I have received a $10 referral from a new user just now. Seems possibly the referral being $10 is limited to those in Brisbane.

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      They've changed it so now you only send $3 for the referee and the referrer gets $5 after the first trip


    Thanks, the $10 referral and sign up worked for $20 total.