Heller 1100W 1.2l Airfryer w/Rotisserie $69 Delivered @ Eeet5p eBay


1.2l Capacity
Power: 1100W
Air Fryer Cooker with Rotisserie
60 Minute Timer
Easy to use
Variable temperature control: 125°C-250°C
Quick & easy control panel
Non-slip feet
Removable tempered glass lid
Cool touch handles
Power ‘On’ indicator light
Easy to clean: with detachable & dishwasher-safe inner non-stick coated plates
Removable slide out crumb & drip tray ;
Unique design with red spray housing ;
Recipe guide included
220-240Vac ~ 50/60Hz
AU/NZ Power Plug

Accessories include: 4 x stainless steel skewers, chicken roaster, rack, rotating cage & basket

This item comes with 12 month warranty

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  • looks like it would be perfect for chiko rolls & corn jacks!

  • I thought the idea of an air fryer was to circulate hot air which means no turning the food?

    I don't own one and may be wrong.

    • I suppose you are right but my air fryer has an element up the top so things still get more heat from there. As such a rotisserie would allow for more even cooking

  • +1

    Attachments: Chicken roaster, yeah, good luck.

  • I can't see any dimensions in that eBay post.

    A regular chicken isn't going to fit in that. Might be useful for roasting a quail, pheasant or pigeon.

    • +2

      Plenty of mice around for some cheap protein

      • +1

        They come with their own skewer too

  • I here it's hell of a good unit

  • seems too small

  • To those complaining about the size, pictures in this ebay post make it look fairly roomy in there.

    First glance i thought it was the size of a toaster, now i'm thinking it's much bigger based on these photos

    • To those complaining about the size, pictures in this ebay post make it look fairly roomy in there.

      Think of a 1.25L soft drink bottle (remember this is smaller at 1.2L). Now imagine fitting a whole chicken in there without touching the sides, you know, so it can turn on the rotisserie.

      Still feeling nice and roomy in there?

    • That's not a whole chicken. It's a quail……

      • There's no whole bird in any of those eBay pics. I doubt even a quail would fit in one of these.

  • The Kogan one is 10x more volume and around the same price.