Please Help Me Decide Which Robotic Vacuum to Buy

So we have recently bought a new house (2 storey) with tiles on the lower level and floorboards on the upper level and large rugs under the beds in the bedrooms. We also have a delightful 1 year old Kelpie / Border Collie cross who sheds a fair bit. I've decided a robotic vacuum is the way to go but I'm now a little overwhelmed with all the choices!

My requirements so far:
1. Must be able to vacuum and mop
2. Must be able to move from floorboards to carpet and back
3. Decent battery life
4. Superior "smartness"
- Able to handle multiple floors
- Able to build intelligent, dynamic "maps" of our floorplan
- Able to adjust route based on random obstacles (like the dog's toys)
5. Simple, easy to use app
6. Decent warranty
7. Local supply and service
8. Price - I want something excellent and prepared to pay for that but would prefer to keep costs down where possible

At this stage my front runner is the Roborock S6 MaxV but it is rather expensive. Happy to go down this path if it is a good buy but wanted to hear from anyone else before I pull the trigger.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and advice!


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    What is the internal area (in sqm) of each storey?

    • About 120m2 downstairs and 80m2 upstairs

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        The S6 MaxV is a good choice for that floor space. You'll need to shuttle it up and down stairs each time tho. It would be on the edge of being able to thoroughly vacuum carpet on both levels on one charge - depends on the amount of furniture you have. Not clear why you have a requirement of being able to move from carpet to non-carpet when your lower level is tiled and the top level has floorboards? Is that because of the rugs?

        Alternatively you could consider getting a Dreame D9 or two, one for each floor. Or maybe the Roborock downstairs and the D9 upstairs.

        • Thanks skid,

          Carpet to non-carpet is because of the rugs. I'll look at the Dreame D9 as well. The Viomi S9 deal currently running is also interesting me but I'm concerned about some of the comments about the app being a bit dodgy.

          I'm ok to move the machine up and down stairs as required although at a lower price point than the S6 MaxV might mean I can get one for each floor…

          Decisions, decisions!

          • @macfudge: Also consider the S5Max - certain reports say its better than the S6MaxV.

            I've got the S7 and couldn't be happier - it ticks all your boxes except Price.

            • @MrHyde: Thanks - I do like the look of the Roborocks but it is a lot of money. I hadn't really looked at the S5Max as I was keen on getting the latest models but I'll have a look now based on your feedback.

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    Don't know if u really need the cameras on the s6 max V. Also consider the S7 for the clear better mopping performance, though most expensive of the bunch.

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