Kayo Sports Slow and Changing to SD/720p and buffering? Happens to All Devices

Hi All,

Been using Kayo for 18 months with no issues

All of a sudden the quality fluctuates to 480p about 80% of the time.

I have 100mbps/20mbps internet, even running speed tests on both nvidia shield and googleTV chromecast, both 95mbps down.

Constantly changing to low quality, same thing happens with my desktop PC (which is hard wired)

is this a result of lockdown and everyone smashing Kayo servers?

Feedback greatly appreciated

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  • I had a number of dropouts (and crashes) using a web browser yesterday/last night.

    For once it didn't look like it was my dud NBN's fault.

  • I watched a couple of AFL matches, one NRL game (Storm) and NBA finals on the weekend on my Sony Android TV and had no issues at all

  • I use the android tv app with mi box and the only time the quality is ever half decent is on the kodi addon. you can choose the bitrate and it's a lot clearer.

    I installed au iptv list with tvirl and the quality for freeview has improved by leaps and bounds too.


    • currently using this with a mix of TiviMate for androidTV (which is imo superior to kodi for FTA related stuff)

  • Yeah I have similar issues when watching AFL, but not when watching the F1. PC and Apple TV.

    It's irritating. NBN is thankfully rock solid here. 110/40.

  • I watch afl as well and have the same problem as well my internet is quite slow though.

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