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I have a freebie origin energy Smart home starter kit (wifi power switch, door sensors, proximity sensors). I want to move away from the origin energy starter kit (as any additions are very expensive), but not sure what product range is well priced and has a good app.

As an example of my use, I have a door sensor on my garage that switches on the garage light. I create a rule in the app that does this.

I have a few tp link kasa wifi plugs, and it would be good if I could link door sensors to create rules around these wifi plugs. But not sure how this is best done. if there is a better alternative that TP-Link, I will happily move away from tp link.

Is there a standout product everyone uses?



  • Hi iamherenow,

    You can do that with TP-Link using Scenes and Smart Action, but you probably need to buy additional TP-Link hardware as just the WIFI plugs alone will not be that "smart"

    For example, if you have the TP-Link camera, you can create a scene where the camera detects motion and then triggers the whatever is attached to the WIFI plugs to switch on or off. So you could have this set up such that when you drive in your garage, TP-Link camera detects motion and it switches on your home entertainment system so it is ready for you.

    You can also also extend this with IFTTT or similar services


    • So as with the above comment and this:

      As an example of my use, I have a door sensor on my garage that switches on the garage light. I create a rule in the app that does this.

      If you used a Kasa cam, you could set it so if it detects motion (your car), it can turn on a Kasa smart bulb in your garage. You can set this to only happen during set hours as well if need be

      Just don't get Tapo devices, as these need a separate app

      • Thanks both for the comments. So it's not a bad approach (with regards to cost) to invest in what I need to get door sensors (and hub?) Within the tp link brand? Or can the hub part cross over brands?

        • For TP-Link,if you are using just a TP-Link camera and the TP-Link plug, then you don't need a TP-Link hub. However, using the garage scenario example, if you want to put a door sensor on your garage door to trigger your garage light, then you will need a TP-Link hub and compatible sensors.

          I'm not totally sure, but I think compatibility across brands tends to be limited because they would prefer you to be locked into their ecosystem but you can explore alternatives such as IFTTT which might be able to do the middle-man role.

  • +1

    update: I got a raspberry pi running home assistant. Had no idea what I was getting into when I bought it, but very happy with the outcome.

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