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[Windows, MacOS] Affinity Photo US$24.99 /~A$35 (Was US$49.99/~A$68) @ B&H Photo


It's been a while since the last discount

activates fine with Australian address, solid saving over buying from Serif direct

screw Adobe and their subscriptions, all there's to say on the matter

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    M1 compatible!


    Use Darktable (the best alternative to Lightroom) and it is free open source. I have tried Affinity photo, ON1, Raw Therapee in the past, didn't like any of those ( I use Lightroom but doesn't want to keep paying the annual subscription fee as I am only a casual user). https://www.darktable.org/


      this information would have been handy yesterday

      I will give them a go as well. thank you!

      P.S. oops, no support for Canon CR3 file format, so not a solution for me.


          you mean DNG convertor? nah, I want to open files natively.

          yeah it's always an option, but such a chore


            @shabaka: CR3 support is coming. However, if you like Affinity photo it is worth the price. I bought it a year ago and has since stop using it (I even bought the iPad version of Affinity photo when it was on sale… lol. What a waste of money, for me anyway , you may have a different experience)


              @TheMatrix: for my flow which isn't ideal, but fwiw

              I shoot both jpeg and raw

              for most pictures I just play with jpeg, I have a lot of various apps that allow me to quickly make adjustments in bulk, like colour projects and Perfectly Clear

              if I see that I need to go finer, I use affinity with the raw file - to make the most of dynamic range and layers etc

              also I may occasionally use free Photoshop express for quick and dirty - it also works surprisingly well for a free product that looks like legendary POS

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      FYI Affinity Photo is more of a Photoshop (image editing/processing) alternative rather than Lightroom (image cataloging).
      But yes, screw annual subscription fees!


        it's easier to find something free for cataloging these days. I use FastStone image viewer, it's very fast and flexible (also portable)


          Well depends on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go… there are plenty of image browsing software available (i.e. FastStone).

          What sets image cataloguing / library management software apart is the ability to create albums, rate and star images and do quick/batch adjustments. Also some feature non-destructive editing - i.e. they leave your originals alone and then you can edit different versions of the image without having multiple copies.


      How are you finding Darktable for catalog management/file management compared to Lightroom?

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        I like LR catalog system, DT doesn’t use catalog, it uses Library ( which is fine by me, just need to get used to it). I am blown away by the Denoise module in DT 3.6. I am pretty new to DT too, trying to explore a few modules at a time. It has an active Facebook user group, great people with great knowledge about DT to help you out.


    Just confirming, so once we buy from B&H, we will get a serial number to register with Serif account?

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      you get a voucher code from B&H, redeem it on Serif w/s and that gives you a serial code

      so you can order on B&H using one email (voucher code will be sent there), and redeem at Serif using another e-mail address