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Queen Bed Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress $279 + Delivery @ Kmart


I didn't even realise that Kmart sold mattresses, but I bought one and it is really good!
I needed to upgrade from my old mattress after moving into my new place and even though I was a bit dubious about buying a mattress online, this has converted me into a fan.

Super comfortable and only $279 for a Queen mattress. Box had wheels, easy to move. Worth every cent.

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    Wonder if they're actually selling this or just drop shipping them from some other company.

  • Who knows, pretty decent though. Even if it is dropshipped, must not be one of the cheap mob.

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    Interesting - I get a message:


    Tried changing locations, and the same thing happens (other products work). Perhaps they're checking location from IP or something.

    • Works for me?

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      Now imagine how much profit the $2000 mattresses make..

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      Counter argument. The majority of bed manufacturers overcharge for what is essential a bit of material and some metal springs.

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      Seems to be several hundred very satisfied reviews.

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        To be fair, I've never seen a Kmart product with below 4 star reviews overall

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    My previous mattress I bought from a store for $1200ish and this mattress seems to be better quality than that, so I don't know if price is a good measure of quality

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    These are manufactured by Zinus so likely not bad quality

  • Thanks OP wasn't aware but that seems good value …

    • They sell them at Walmart as well in USA, looks like the same model cheaper in AU from Kmart … moot point as it looks like it's 'temporarily unavailable' it was showing as available before

  • Is it hard or medium or soft?

    (That's what she said, yes. I know)

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      She said: medium feel, though how you will feel is a different thing.

  • "Please remove from packaging within 72 hours of receipt to make sure
    your mattress can grow to its full potential."

    If only you could do the same with people.

  • Just bought one. Thanks OP

  • Seems to be out of stock now. Hopefully the will restock i need a new matress.

  • Delivery $53 to south east metro vic is a deal breaker.

  • does any one know thickness of these?

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    bought one, thanks OP

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