Using VPN to Buy Cheap Games for Xbox - Does It Work?


I'm getting an XSX soon so starting to collect games in preparation. I'd prefer digital where possible, but the Australian Microsoft store is obviously not cheap.

So I'm wondering, is it possible to VPN to a country with cheaper games (Argentina for example), log in and buy games, and play them on an Xbox here in Australia? Or does Microsoft region-lock it's digital downloads?

I recently picked up Witcher 3 for $5 using an Argentinian key (from a deal here on OzBargain) and that seems to have worked. But I'm wondering how it works with regular purchases.

I just posted this question in another thread, but thought I'd give it it's own. Sorry for the double-up.


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    Visit It offers some guides on how to buy gift cards to purchase games in other regions yourself, or you can join their Discord and have someone from that region gift a code to you. IMO it's just easier to have someone else buy it for you.

    Another option is MTC Game ( but while I've never had an issue with it aside from taking hours to get a key, many people have going by their reviews.

    Once you've redeemed the game you can play it normally with your normal xbox account, you don't need secondary accounts or anything like that.

    A good thread to read through on Whirlpool is

    • How do you get someone to buy you a code on Discord?

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        There’s a discord link at the bottom left of the Xbox Now website. Join that and read through all the rules and instructions and you’ll work it out. You basically find the game on the Xbox Now website and paste the link into the right discord channel and someone will message you with an offer. You pay them and they send you the code.

        • Ok, great – thanks. Might give it a try with something cheap, see if it works.

        • Is there a way to do a similar thing for Nintendo eShop games? Like a Discord channel?

          • @alby: I'm not aware of any. I don't think there's a way to gift games from the eshop.

            Some countries have physical shops that sell digital download codes, but my understanding is you have to redeem them on a switch profile from the same country. Not 100% sure on that.

            I have US, Canadian and Japanese accounts on my Switch and I just buy gift cards for the eshop I want to buy from. Amazon US, PC Game Supply, Offgamers etc sell them.

            It is possible to switch your main Nintendo account region to another, buy a game, then switch back. But I think if you have credit left in your account after buying a game then you can't switch back. At least that was the case when I first looked into it. I prefer to have separate profiles for each region, and I just play the games on my main account.

            • @j1nk0r: Thanks. But having multiple accounts, is that problematic when trying to use the device? Do you need to log in/out all the time to play games from different regions?

              • @alby: No, once you buy and install the game on your Switch you can launch and play it using your main Australian account

                • @j1nk0r: Pardon my ignorance – so I create Nintendo accounts in the countries I want to buy from, then buy the games using these accounts. But how do I get the games onto the Switch? Do I log in with these accounts one at a time, download the games, the log out, and the games stay installed and work as normal?

                  • @alby: Create an account for each region you want and add each of them to your switch. Say you create then add a US account to your Switch. Load up the eshop on your switch and choose the US account, buy your game using gift card credit, and download it to your switch. Launch the game but choose your Australian account to play it. You keep the foreign accounts on your switch, but play any games using your main Australian account.

  • It used to be super easy. Half my library is from turkey and Argentina. Now it’s just gift card or codes.

  • If the game is physical product, the transportation cost is quite high if you want it from abroad. If the game is virtual product, is the internet speed OK if you use VPN to buy and play the game.

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  • So you need to use a VPN each time you play, not just to purchase?

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      No, you do not