Stan Fans - Where Are You?

Hello fellow Ozbargainers,

Just wondering if there are any other Stan fans out there?

I originally signed up for the Super Rugby season and planned to cancel when finished.
However, I have kept going and been rewarded with the Ash Barty Wimbledon win and awesome Wallabies v France test series win. Now I need to stick around for Bledisloe series and Lion tour.

I’ve gone from zero Stan at start of year to its 90% of my tv watching.

I’m mainly there for rugby but wondering what other Ozbargainers are watching on Stan?

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    Would you say you’re looking for people that stan Stan?

  • Duh i was reading the title as satan fans where are you… and i clicked in…. omg….

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    A Stan fan here - we’ve had this plus Amazon Prime and Netflix for several years. Don’t give a rat’s furry behind about the sport, no interest in that at all, but I really enjoy the a lot of the older moves and TV shows from the 70s, 80s and 90s - a blast from the past for me :).

    • Name names. I’m from the same vintage. What are you watching?

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        Oh hell, way too many to mention - not much at the moment TBH, currently watching more of Netflix and Amazon Prime (with some SBS thrown in) but Frasier, Father Ted, Trollied, Supernatural, Dexter, Orphan Black just to name a few. Movies with Arnie, Jon-Claude, or good old Steven Seagal (his earlier stuff), originals and sequels of Bourne, Austin Powers, Blade, John Wick …

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    • Thanks for reply. I don’t know anything about this show. What’s it about? Why do you like it?

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    Good to see the sport coming on, even though not the stuff I watch regularly.
    Stan went downhill badly when the US channel took back its content (was it NBC?) and I intended to cancel, but people in the house have watched a lot of TV over the last 12 months so it has been acceptable.
    I’ve also got an arrangement where my daughter gives me Kayo and Disney+ access and we share Stan and Netflix (oh, and Amazon) with her. And we have Apple too cause somebody bought an iphone. Too many services.
    That said, Stan, Apple and Disney would be first on my chopping list, and probably Amazon too. Netflix is still OK value, but they want to check their price rises. Kayo I wouldn’t pay for, but I actually quite like the service for watching some footy on an ipad rather than tying up the main TV.

    We stayed in a AirBNB with Foxtel a couple of months ago, and it was the first time I have had any extended access to it since I cancelled it 15 years ago. It was very dreary, though the sport was OK. Streaming is just a night and day better option, and even with several services is cheaper.

    • So Keggsy, please tell me what shows you have watched on Stan? What are your favourites?

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        You’ve got the wrong person, as I’m not much of a TV watcher, but I did enjoy some of the stand up, and others in my place are watching Dr Death, which looks high quality.

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    Billions, er Billions, and yeah more Billions… love that show.

    Seriously, I cycle between Foxtel, Stan, Netflix, Disney, and Amazon Prime (presently, bingeing on Clarkson's Farm). Probably 2 months on each platform a year, get to sample the best each has to offer and return when new content arrives, try it. Trick is to set a reminder to cancel your sub after 2 months.

    • Thanks for reply. I used to pride myself for never paying for streaming services by using Ozbargain deals and hacks. However since COVID hit I got lazy and now find myself paying $29 per month for Stan and $13 per month for Netflix. I salute you for continuing to fly the Ozbargain flag.

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    Stan is actually quite good imho. Probably gets equal time in my family with Netflix, and more than Prime/Binge/Disney/Apple

    • Thanks for reply. So what are the family favourites?

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    Dr Death, Luther, miracle workers

    • Thanks, will check them out.

  • Oh, so you're the one person watching rubgy. Nice

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