Which Modem/Router Should I Buy for around $400?

I've noticed that recently my Wi-Fi is very slow and sometimes drops out, so I want to buy a new modem/router to replace my Huawei hg659. I'm on FTTN 100 down.

Don't know much about modems/routers but I know it has to be VDSL2 compatible since I'm on FTTN. Was thinking of either of these:

Netgear D7800 Nighthawk AC2600 Wi-Fi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router
D Link Cobra 5300 modem router
Archer VR2800 modem router
TP-Link Deco X20-DSL AX1800 VDSL modem router

Was leaning more towards the Deco X20 since it's cheaper (around $240) and has Wi-Fi 6. My main concern is Wi-Fi coverage. If I buy the Deco X20 I can buy another Deco Mesh unit to increase my Wi-Fi coverage.



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    I installed Deco M5 x 3 (used one of them as the main router) at in-laws place last year when we lived with them for a bit. It was so great that I had to leave them when I left an I bought another pack for our new home.
    Our place is bigger so I actually took back on if the 3 from in-laws and theirs still works perfectly on 2.
    I get close to top speed from front of our house connected to the front router.

    The mesh system works amazingly and I’d definitely recommend. You can swap out pieces and add on later if you need too.

    Long way of saying +1 for the Deco option.

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    The reason to get the Deco is Mesh capability.
    WiFi6 should not be a concern, I dare say you do not currently own many, if any, WiFi 6 devices.
    WiFi6 isn't going top do much to improve signal strength even for devices that do support it.

    If you need better signal across your home, then these options would be better to take advantage of the Mesh capability inbuilt into the Deco X20.

  • Whatever you do, don't get the Netgear Nighthawk. Freezes, drops out, picky with hard drives

    Heaps of issues on the Netgear forums.

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    There's been some good deals on the Asus AX routers lately
    The 88U has been under $350 a few times, I have a pair of these meshed and it's excellent. Overkill on a FTTN 100 plan but good future proofing I guess. I went from a Netgear D7000 to these and they're miles ahead. The Netgear would drop out probably once a week, UI was absolute rubbish, etc. The Asus stuff just works.
    Something like the 58U for a bit over $200 would be good if they pop up cheap again. If you need more coverage, get a second one and AI Mesh them.

    • Asus stuff just works


  • Thanks all for the help. So now I know wifi 6 doesn't matter since I don't have a wifi 6 device and that the nighthawk would be a bad buy.

    An Asus router would be good but I really want a modem/router 2 in one. So gonna look for an Asus VDSL2 router/modem and then decide between that and the Deco X20 modem router.

    • ASUS make 3 different models of VDSL Modem Routers all suitable for NBN

    • How did you go? I recently bought a Asus RT-AC66U B1, I was talked down from ASUS RT-AX86U as I don't have any Wifi 6 devices (afaik) and it was on sale for $135, it's been excellent, Asus software I really enjoy, great range, no drop outs, turns out you don't need to spend $500, $400 or even $300 to get a decent router. This is a 2019 model, and I like the sound of Asus 'Mesh' system, AiMesh, so in the future if I go to a bigger place this can be a part of that if I need it to.

      No NBN box then? Guessing you can't use WAN in from the modem you have? Could you re-use your existing router as just a modem to give you more options?

      • I ended up going for the TP-Link Deco X20-DSL modem/router. waiting for it to arrive from centrecom.

        i just thought that even though i dont have a wifi 6 device now, the next phone i buy will have wifi 6. my current phone is a galaxy s10+. ill be upgrading to the next galaxy phone next year.

        if the wifi coverage isnt great ill post back. in that case ill buy an extra TP-Link Deco mesh wifi unit

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