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Free Kafka & Confluent Training @ Confluent


Hey everyone,

Been a while since I've last posted but I've just been made aware that the company I've recently joined (Confluent), whose cofounders were the co-creators of Kafka itself, has released a bunch of free training courses. Hope it's useful for anyone interested.

I joined because I saw Kafka across virtually every account I worked with at Elastic- and it's open source too. If you haven't heard of it before, think of it as infrastructure purpose built for event streaming- process huge throughput, with storage capabilities, ETL on the fly capabilities-stream processing- and your decoupled pub/sub. I've heard Kafka engineers typically sit at $140K+ USD per annum salary and it's used across some 70-80% of fortune 500.

Interested in learning more? Ping me. Or want to DIY, join the Kafka Summit next week (27th & 28th July).

(Also, just my opinion if you're looking for new expertise & a new gig, the tech I'm seeing often are- Elasticsearch, some Graphql like Neo4J, Kafka, MongoDB, Snowflake, Azure seems to be popping up more and I'll add more as I recall them). Best of luck all on your journey.



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    Thanks mate. I work for a very large organisation and we use Kafka with Cloudera.
    I don't think it's relevant to my work as such, but my colleagues might be interested. Thanks again.

    • My pleasure bud. Yeah I haven't heard the Cloudera Kafka deployment come up that often these days but know they're around and have their own version of it. They're pretty good too and each Confluent & Cloudera have their own advantages. If looking at a cloud managed service though, Confluent's the way to go for a complete solution- though I know that'd sound bias.

      Anyway give it a shot regardless :) Pretty good to add to your resume and build some interesting projects. Thanks for sharing.

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    Andrew .. have you heard of cribl? .. similar concept - came about from a load of ex-splunkers

    • Indeed! Have heard of them and come across them- the story as to why the ex-splunker started it was pretty good. I think one of the differentiators I've heard is the local support of Confluent & the connectors we have including the Splunk source/sink connector. Beyond that I'd need to pull in an SE to have a chat with you if you'd like.

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    I have heard Kafka but haven't worked or seen it in places I have worked so far…I would be keen to know as this may come in handy in data migration and ETL

    • Thanks @pyramid. Join the Kafka summit on the 28th at 8am (https://www.kafka-summit.org/events/kafka-summit-apac-2021/a...). One of our cofounders- Jun Rao- typically gives a good overview. ETL on the fly is basically what Kstreams and KsqlDB provide- part of the Kafka/Confluent ecosystem- so really giving you the ability to perform ETL with your events and data in motion, rather than waiting for it to hit a db. Migration is a big one with over 120+ source/sink connectors but one of the main things I'm seeing a lot of these days is the mainframe offload use case with CDC- helps make that data workable in real time and reduces costs on your mainframes too (I've heard a certain big vendor that everyone uses charges $90K+ per CDC connector so pretty expensive to access your own data).

      Either way, ping me if you'd like a chat https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewduong/ or I can connect you with one of our SE's. Good luck on your journey :)

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        Great. You indeed know some thing about technology….yeah I'm working to offload mainframe system and moving to far better agile systems. I'll surely get my hands on some of the training from Kafka.

        • Haha that's the best compliment I've had in a while- thank you and made my day. Glad years of being in this field is showing some signs I know what I'm talking about.

          Indeed give it a shot and save some $ doing it. Even if you don't go with Confluent's connectors for CDC and mainframe offloading-for whatever reason, there are options out there and it seems anything is better than directly with that mainframe vendor itself. I still find it ridiculous, your data in the mainframe, yet you have to pay a lot just to get more use out of it. Some other mainframe resources here too off the back of interviewing our Field CTO Kai, https://www.linkedin.com/posts/andrewduong_mainframe-moderni...

          Best of luck! You'll do great things with this I'm sure.

          • @storyofandrew: Thanks mate. I have added you on LinkedIn…are there any training that teaches basic of Kafka and some real world engineering

            • @pyramid: Sorry @pyramid for the delay! Busy morning. Apologies too with the adding on LI, feel free to ping me via there too. I'm quite a noob to Ozbargain posting so not even sure how to see names or at mention.

              So for the basics, for my own learning, I put together a bunch of resources that helped me https://www.linkedin.com/smart-links/AQFEOiEMQgxZEg They're more videos on the basics rather than hands on training like the free courses I've posted up before. If you'd like anything more, let me know and I'll dig something more relevant for you.

              • @storyofandrew: Thanks. Just realised somehow I can not add you into my network.

                • @pyramid: No problem at all @pyramid. Interesting! that's odd, no worries feel free to shoot me a private message here if you'd like to share your LI else email anytime at [email protected] if I can help. Several upcoming free events too.

                  All the best & nice e-meeting you :)

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    thanks OP for sharing this :)

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    Oh, was just about to start one of Stephan Marek courses on Udemy for Kafka. These courses will definitely be a great addition. Thanks mate.

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      Pleasure! There's a few out there that are good. Hopefully with this one it provides some additional value too as a baseline.

      For anyone new to Kafka too, I saw this gentleman -Mitch Seymour (not part of Confluent)- write up this book https://www.linkedin.com/posts/andrewduong_apachekafka-writi.... Really creative way to explain Kafka and probably my favourite resources.

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    Thanks OP, finishing up the AWS Architect training at the moment and Kafka is definitely the next cab off the rank!

    • You're most welcome! Was that the free training posted a day or two on Ozbargain? That looked pretty interesting and good for a tonne of people since AWS still dominates for now- but Azure really is popping up in nearly every conversation I'm having, I hope they release a free one similar to AWS soon too. Best of luck with the training and let me know if you hit a bump in the road at all.

      • Could you please elaborate? Are these trainings specific to Azure integration or some features are only available on Azure and not AWS? Thanks.

        • Hi @greenromeo, sorry for the confusion here, my comment was geared towards @hadoop's one regarding finishing the AWS Architect training course and that I've not seen one from Microsoft yet on something like an Azure Architect free course. If you're specifically talking about Confluent Cloud, it's actually across the three big ones-AWS, Azure & GCP- and via their marketplaces too. The experience across each should be the same. If you're after more of the integrations we have, things like Blob Storage Sink connector and Cognitive Search connector are available. Apologies if I'm misunderstanding your question there but please feel free to get in touch if there's something specific I can direct you to.

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            @storyofandrew: It's all great. Thanks for the clarification. It's good to know it's cloud agnostic! Will plan to go through the training material and will reach out to you with questions if any. Cheers.

            • @GreenRomeo: No worries at all :) Yep cloud agnostic indeed. Seems that's the way forward for organisations- multi cloud or hybrid- for data resiliency & security.

              Good luck and indeed reach out anytime!

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    Thanks OP. This was very timely. Our organization is about to embark on the Kafka journey.

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      My pleasure @kenteguy, hope this provides some value :) Check out the Kafka Summit next week https://www.kafka-summit.org/events/kafka-summit-apac-2021/a... should give a good overview as a starting point. Else someone from the team can provide a whiteboard session too- general discussion and walkthrough how everything ties in together. I can try do one as well if you don't mind a non-elegant presentation.

      For true beginners, honestly that Mitch Seymour story is awesome https://www.linkedin.com/posts/andrewduong_apachekafka-writi.... I'd read it to my kid if she was old enough!

      Good luck and reach out anytime.

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        Thanks @storyofandrew. I did manage to check out the Kafka Summit, but right now a lot of it went over my head:-). Thanks for offering your assistance. Our organisation is now trying to flesh out some use cases and spin up a PoC. Are you happy to be a point of a contact if we need any assistance down the track?

        Btw, that Mitch Seymour is definitely a thing of a beauty. Thanks for sharing.

        • Hey @kenteguy that’s great you managed to check it out! Some real good talks in there-sorry I couldn’t point you to specific ones as we haven’t officially met and talked about your ideas yet. Indeed feel free to give me a shout either on my LI or [email protected]. We’ve got this pretty good thing our Solutions Engineer’s do for an introductory session to anyone getting started and wanting to learn the concepts and overall picture of how it all works in the ecosystem.

          Speak soon! Glad that Mitch Seymour book was good- loved the artwork and is one of the most creative ways I’ve seen to teach something new(at least for me.). Stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

  • Hey all,

    Not sure if this pings everyone on this post but Confluent just launched something neat that I think would benefit anyone wanting further hands on, step by step guides. Wish they had this earlier to be honest but it looks pretty sweet and easy to use. Check out our Co-founder's announcement here https://www.linkedin.com/posts/confluent_developer-website-l...

    Resource here: https://developer.confluent.io/

    Hope this continues to help everyone. All the best.

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      cool stuff.

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