Refund on Sofa Unable to Be Delivered to an Apartment

Just bought a sofa and got it delivered. The delivery guy looked at the lifts and stairs and basically said sofa is too big to be delivered. Without measuring the stair dimension.

They taken back the sofa.
Now, the retailer is saying i can get a replacement (no longer on sale though) or get a store credit. Stating within ACCC guidelines.

Is this true? I understand i will have to forfeit the delivery fee but i cant get a refund? Is that truely inline with ACCC guidelines?


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    same thing happened to me when i bought an elephant. i couldn't squeeze the damn thing into the car to get it home

    • Why did you buy an elephant?

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        To eat it one bite at a time.

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        He likes having an elephant in the room.

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        That's no good, I managed to get my elephant home and into the house. I was very excited to show it off.

        But dammit, for some reason whenever guests are over, nobody mentions it!

    • You should put in in pocket.

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        Does that go with the onion on your belt?

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    Did the retailer give you any terms and conditions?

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    Unfortunately it’s not the retailer’s job to check if your sofa fits in your building or not. This basically comes down to a change of mind return and I think an offer of credit is more than fair.

    • Thanks this is what i was looking for

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      OP didn't get that. Seems unfair imo.

      • the retailer is saying i can get a replacement (no longer on sale though) or get a store credit

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    Well is it too big to be delivered?

    I thought deliverers only had to take it to the ground floor of the apartment and after that it's the purchaser's issue.

    If i was them i would've left it with you and then you would get to transport it to the apartment.

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      If i was them i would've left it with you and then you would get to transport it to the apartment.

      What. Delivery means into the apartment. They even check with you if you have stair/lift access. In what world would you pay hundreds for delivery, and then have to get two mates together to lift it into your apartment?

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        Many delivery contracts have a clause that state only to the premise's ground floor if its a multi story apartment due to oh&s issues.

        Its fairly common

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    Who is this retailer>? Name please.

  • As an alternative, rent a truck and deliver it yourself?

  • What is their terms of service regarding a change of mind? Do they allow it?

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    Take sofa measurements, and double check for yourself it is impossible to get it up the stairs? Maybe the delivery person didn't want to do it for the delivery pay they receive.

    • well i mean it was Friday afternoon. I had to pay extra for stairs anyway (which I was happy to do). But this block didnt seem to care.

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    We bought a $8000 sofa from Plush (50% off sale to $4000). Anyways, it took several visits to the store, but each time, they stated that we need to measure the elevator and our door before we purchase to make sure it'll fit. They gave us the dimensions, and we went home to measure the elevator and door before going back the next day to purchase it.

    From memory, if the sofa didn't fit and we didn't measure, then we were entitled to a credit/replacement, weren't entitled to a refund.

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    We bought a $8000 sofa from Plush (50% off sale to $4000).

    You purchased a $4000 sofa that had a ridiculous RRP of $8000

    • LOL exactly. But oh it's so worth $4000.

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        I imagine it's rather plush

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  • what u need is rock climbing crossfitters

    they can climb up the side of the wall with the couch on their backs

    make a mod out of it and they can do it in record time!

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    This is a classic case of the Moving Sofa Problem (

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      That was interesting! Thank you.

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    Did you tell the delivery guy to Pivot?

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      And did they have a sketch?

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      Was looking for this comment hahaha

      Seriously though, the retailer has been more than fair. Nothing to do with ACCC rules.

  • Probably for the best. Going to be hell when you try to move it out next time if it's way too tight.

  • Is this true?

    Yep, this is a 'change of mind' return. There is nothing wrong with the product. It just doesn't 'fit' into your place.

    This isn't the retailers problem. Just like if you purchased a fridge that is too big, as you didn't measure the hole.

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    Given your situation, you should consider self assemble (flat pack) furniture :).

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    Damn, how big is it? Surely all lifts fit a king bed upended? Can't imagine the monstrous size of this couch.

    Glad I got a modular couch from King.

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      'Surely all lifts fit a king bed upended'


    • 2.6M

  • The length of the couch doesn’t tend to be the problem, it’s the actual width and depth. Ours was almost too big to come into our place when we moved and the removalist actually warned us to expect damage as they’d have to basically manhandle it in. Luckily it came in relatively unscathed.

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    They should refund imo… minus the shipping there and back fee plus a restocking fee.
    Alternatively you can pay for it to be delivered again to the lift entrance and you and some mates can wriggle it the rest of the way (if it is possible). Take the measurements to the store with you.
    I had a large refrigerator delivered once and obtained the item dimensions before purchase. I figured it would fit but I had to remove a sliding door panel to do it.
    In the end, it is your responsibility to ensure any item you buy and arrange delivery of will fit through any access point.
    How can the store or the delivery people know what your access is like?

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    Similar situation a few years ago, however we asked for the sofa to be left on the driveway. We then built a 4 level scaffold outside and got a few guys to lift it up and it went through the window.

    • That's determination!

      • And luck… imagined if it had started raining shortly after delivery!

  • Delivery guy sounds lazy. Most furniture is designed to be able to go through normal sized doors. Otherwise nobody would buy anything. Retailer sounds like he is trying to keep his profit. Maybe he would accept a lower refund? It’s all about talking it through and letting them know they may keep a loyal customer for the future. If they don’t care about that then that won’t work and you won’t be back. Everything has a solution if people are willing or resourceful.

    • That's right, through normal sized doors; so if you live in a house the couch should fit through your door. Elevators and stairs in an apartment block not necessarily so. Furthermore, this is a couch you're taking about, they can get really big depending on the type/whether it's modular.

      I did not neg you by the way.

    • often the problem is either what is in front of or on the other side of said door. Larger lounge pieces, can be taller than normal doors once stood on their end, and if say there is a wall behind the door, or there is small entryways, it can be impossible to angle the lounge enough to get it through the door completely.

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    I bought a three seater from Domayne and it didn’t fit in the door so they charged me $400 and refunded the rest. I got one from plush because their lounges come in pieces that latch together

  • You stuffed up…. YOU.

    Take photos of door entrances. Of lifts. Measure these spaces….

    It like buying an appliance, say a fridge, only to find it does not fit in the allocated spot… your mistake.

    Take the credit, or buy another smaller one.