Frozen Microwaved Food Sold on Uber Eats as Restaurant Food

Location: NSW

Ordered food in Uber eats in a restaurant named "Best Biriyani, Kogarah" for pickup ( Upon visiting there found that there isn't any restaurant and a grocery store selling frozen/microwaved food as restaurant food in Uber.
Already raised complaint to Uber eats, but is this legal? Shouldn't they put a declaimer or better description? Why would anyone pay restaurant price for a frozen food with potential food safety issues? The food containers doesn't have any timestamp for date of cooking/packing.

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    Ah yes, I've noticed them as well before but I checked their website and it's all about "heat & eat" and "served by the kilo" so was clear it was prepackaged food:

    You would be surprised how many 'restaurants' on delivery apps are nothing more than a basic home kitchen and/or reselling heated food from elsewhere. Many of them aren't even real and use existing other restaurant addresses.

    Here's a video to watch:


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      That reminded me of my favourite Uber eats video done by Joe Lycett where he set up a restaurant in a skip bin… Here

    • many of them aren't even real and use existing other restaurant addresses

      Some places using "existing other restaurant addresses" are actually kitchen sharing: using the facilities of an existing venue for their own product/s. I remembered seeing a place on Uber Eats that listed my local Coffee Club as their address, read into it on their website and discovered kitchen sharing.

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      thanks mate, complained to them.

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    also a massage place?
    rub, tug & grub,+Kogarah+NSW+2217/@-33.962583,151.133637,67m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b12b9e4aff43eb7:0xda99808f567de208!8m2!3d-33.9626508!4d151.1338387

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    We got a pizza delivered in America and it came uncooked. No cooking facilities until we hit the next town the next night and cooked it in the microwave. Wasn't optimal, but a learning curve.

    • I think most of these shops assume people order for delivery and never find out.

  • Crinitis.

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      Lol, bought take away pizzas from them once, I thought I would have to take on a loan to pay for it… no wonder they closed

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    The food containers doesn't have any timestamp for date of cooking/packing

    I've not seen this is most takeaway places either.

    • I thought frozen food must at-least contain date of packing.

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        No, just date of expiry.

  • It seems anyone can get listed on Uber eats without actually having a restaurant and possibly food safety certificate. Found two more similar listings in Rockdale. Google street view shows no restaurants.

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      Just because you don't have a restaurant doesn't mean you don't have a food safety certificate.
      There are plenty of 'home based food businesses' which are registered.

      • I wouldn't mind those.

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    In Europe and UK they have separate kitchens for uber eats. So you basically get a fasta pasta version aka reheated

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    Dark kitchens. Legal so long as they have a food safety certificate AFAIK.

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    Stop using them, terrible for the economy.

    Pushes real wages down and takes a beefy cut from the restaurant.

    You're paying money just to use an app and lining the pockets of the app owners.

    It's modern day slavery.