Faulty Jabra 75t - Return to The Store or Jabra Directly?

I bought a pair of Jabra 75t from The Good Guys and after less than a month of using, the magnet in the right ear appears to be faulty already, such that when I put it back in the case, it does not automatically turn-off.

Do I contact The Good Guys for a new pair or do I go to Jabra support? which one is easier and faster?


  • Going to Jabra directly will be easier and faster. If you return them to The Good Guys, they’re just going to send them off to Jabra on your behalf. Cut out the middleman!

  • If under 30 days, best to go back to TGG

    THE GOOD GUYS or the manufacturer will determine, at no cost to the customer, whether the product is faulty
    and the cause of the fault within a reasonable time frame. We may need to perform this assessment at your
    premises. In the event of a fault and if the product is determined faulty through no fault of the customer, then
    the customer can request an exchange or refund of the original purchase price. Alternatively, customers can
    request repair free of charge in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty. If the product is a Big & Bulky
    product (i.e. white goods, large/fixed kitchen goods, air conditioners and certain TVs), then if possible
    The Good Guys will organise with the manufacturer to repair the product at your premises because this is
    generally the most convenient remedy. If you are not satisfied with this remedy, see the blue section below
    for seeking a remedy under the ACL.

    • Even within 12 months, TGG must help to assess the product.

  • I had a problem with a set of 75t i got from qantas and went straight to Jabra, who were pretty good with warranty issues

  • I'd be very surprised if TGG would send them for repair, even if it was a year later. Give them a call and ask what the repair action is. Having worked for a similar company, Jabra products were almost always exchange if faulty.

  • Back to store. Replace on the spot.

  • I would absoloutely go for a refund at the good guys to start with.

    They let me refund a pair 3 weeks ago without hassle and I'd ordered them online. Won't buy again.

    • Hey, thanks. I bought this online as well (lock in Sydney). How do you exchange or get a refund without physically visiting a store?

      • I ended up physically visiting a store unfortunately, in Vic about 3 weeks ago maybe 4.

  • I've heard Jabra warranty is very good and easy to deal with so I'd be inclined to go thru them but I would check with TGG first and see if they'll replace/refund on the spot. If they're going to send them off, I'd go direct thru Jabra.