Gaming Laptop Advice - Budget $1500-$2000

Hey everyone,

I'm in the market for a gaming laptop. I've never bought one before and don't know a whole lot about them compared to a normal desktop.

My budget is up to $1500, can push maybe to 2k if needed it will make a huge difference.

The main games I will be playing are World of Warcraft TBC Classic and the latest Football Manager. I also have quite a backlog of other games I want to play like the Witcher 3 (but if games that intense blow the budget out then I'll have to settle not playing them).

WoW Classic will be my main game by far. I understand it's not too intensive but I'd like to play on max settings if possible with a lot of add-ons. With that in mind I think the thing I should prioritize the most is the display. I also can have really long sessions on occasion (plugged in on charge though) so cooling or something very resistant to overheating is important.

I can't think of any more relevant things but if I've left some big things out just let me know. I'm in Melbourne's West if that helps with stores but I'm guessing most things will be online.



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    This will be fine for WoW

    They can overheat according to reviews but a cooling pad or underclocking helps.

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      Thanks for the reply. In your experience/opinion do you think something like this would handle say an 8 hour session, or I should be looking for something that specifically has cooling or anti overheating as a strength of the unit?

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        Most gaming laptops overheat. Big processers and graphics cards in slimline units will always cause heat retention issues.

        It will handle an 8 hour session no problems. Just invest in a cooling pad. They aren't very expensive. Basic units at OW are like $20.


          Underclocking I find to be more effective, placing a few fans underneath your laptop won't drastically improve thermals/performance. Make sure the laptop you buy is even underclock-capable (it should be, most modern laptops do allow underclocking).
          Cooling pads do improve thermals very marginally, underclocking I find to be more effective.

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            @CrispyChrispy: Thanks for the tips. I'll have a look into underclocking. Is that something that's generally hard to do? You don't need to alter the actual machine do you?

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              @hootie: It's a bit tricky for a newbee but there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and reddit to walk you through the steps.

              Eg. YouTube

              You don't need to alter the actual machine do you?

              Not physically but yes you are altering the bios.

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                @MS Paint: Thanks, you've been a great help.

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          Cheers, you've been very helpful mate.