Cashrewards Do Not Allow Me to Sign up to Alinta Energy

I tried signing up to Alinta via Cashrewards and instead was recommended to sign up to Simply Energy or Origin. I was not given any option to Alinta.

From, I get redirected to where I fill in my details. The results that I see then are:

  • 5x Simply Energy
  • 1x Origin.
  • Nothing on Alinta.

I had a look at the plans and the current offer from Alinta was much better than these. That is annoying as I wont be able to get the cashback :( I'm not even sure what to do now.

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    Just send your details to TA now.

    He's just going to ask for them in about 25 minutes anyway.


    use the alinta offer here that finishes today (by econnex) $100 giftcard


    Recently signed up through CR’s econnex portal.

    It has something to do with the search criteria and filter results. I forgot where in the result screen where you have to tell it to show everything

    Edit: check if you are showing Combo only deals. That might filter out the plans. Also not all plans on alinta website is available o econnex