Generic Electric Toothbrush Heads (Oral B)

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone's got reviews/recommendations on the generic Oral B electric toothbrush heads. I usually just buy the original ones when they're on sale, but in true Ozbargainer fashion, I'm wondering if you can get the same thing at a fraction of the price by going generic. I'm wary of ending up with hard bristles that end up damaging your gums for the sake of a few bucks, hence asking here.

There are a bunch on Amazon with fairly good reviews, but I trust my Ozbargain comrades more.




    There are lot of manufacturers, and your mileage may vary. I feel that the bristles are 80% as good as the oral-b brushes, and the small price difference (generics vs. when oral-b is on special) isn't really worth sacrificing that extra quality over the years. Inserting the brush onto the base, where it vibrates from, is a little gummier than the higher-quality oral-b brushes, which is a small, niggling annoyance you need to deal with twice a day.


    Kogan lasted 5 seconds each one. I stick with the originals. Having said that first one blew up the other week, after using them for 15 years.


    The cheap one pretty much didn’t last for more than a week, where as original one last me a month at least.

    I think I saved little by going with the cheaper one, but generated more waste


    I would avoid anything which claims "effective correction of deformed teeth…make you look more energetic".
    Seriously, who writes this stuff?