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Decor Microsafe Rice Cooker & Veg Steamer 2.75L $5 (Was $10) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BIG W / + Delivery ($0 Prime) @ Amazon AU


Don't put this cooking brown rice krispies in microwave for 30 mins straight, it will burn.

Make up to 4 cups of cooked rice in the Decor Microsafe 2.75 litre rice cooker. A range of useful sizes for reheating, steaming, quick cooking and storing. Features include the red steam release vent and safe-hold handles that stay cool. All the storers are clearly marked with graduated measurements and take Tellfresh tags. The rice cooker comes with a measuring cup and rice paddle.

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    Great price OP, but at the end of the day it's really just a plastic container with a push button vent in the lid.

    If you can wait for the equivalent Sistema model to go on sale - as it frequently does for $5.50 Amazon or $9 with the matching steamer shown on the same link, it's a better quality product which produces better quality rice. It comprises an additional lid insert that allows science do the cooking for you.

    And notwithstanding the worldwide outcome of the last batch of rice-loving scientists, you'd have to be batty to choose the Decor over the Sistema. Trust me, I've purchased both from previous $5 OzBargain deals and the votes are in…

    • have the Sistema, can confirm. Much better

    • I have this one, it actually makes alright rice for what it is. Surprised me.

      Also, it barely fits in my microwave lol

  • This rice cooker bowl sucks. Get the Tupperware one, it's awesome. I like it even more than a dedicated rice cooker.

    Edit, just looked at the Sistema link posted earlier, it looks rather similar in construction to the Tupperware one, so it should also do much better than the decor one.

    • Yep. All true.

      That said, I have enjoyed using this one to make homemade custard in conjunction with (although a custard cynic may suggest the Sistema would be equally proficient) and it also comes with a delightful one cup measuring cup which is handy for getting those rice to water ratios correct. If that's the kind of thing that is important to you…

  • Goes alright for popcorn

    • No don't do it, i used the sistema version to make popcorn with coconut oil and it melted the plastic, probably due to the oil. Air popped may be ok. I had to throw it out afterwards.

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        Coconut oil would super heat in the microwave and melt it for sure. Have to be dry and flavour it afterwards I'd say

        • Yeah, won't be doing that again.

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        Yeah I’m not stupid.

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    4 cups?
    Any time I've tried to cook more than 2, it boils over and makes a mess everywhere in the microwave. I just use a cheap kmart rice cooker now

    • Three cups are max I could do. Try with something like 70% power and it shouldn't spill/ make a mess of the microwave. At full power it spills even for 2 cups for us.

      • I did think that was the problem but only did it twice and forgot to change it the second time around so didn't learn from my mistake.

        • If your not washing your rice do that to get rid of the extra starch or use basmati rice. Basmati rice doesn't seem to have that issue i find.

  • Good size container I actually have never used for rice but for making bircher muesli in!

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