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50% off Sale Items + Free Shipping @ Converse


Extra 50% off sale items with free shipping. Shoes from $30

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  • Ordered a few T-shirts. Not bad for $15 each delivered, considering basic Kmart tshirts are $10 (not a bad thing, I own about 50 of them)

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    Thanks OP - As a basketball fan I couldn't pass these up at 66% off:

    • Damn they look phresh as.

    • tempting, but the red white blue + stars looks so american

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    • Nice pickup, they look good.

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      Whatever you did..I did it too

    • I think these are a really good pick up. I ALMOST did the same (got to the checkout) but I couldn't go through with it as just bought some on sale sneakers last week. This is a good purchase IMO.

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      Hitching my wagon to this train.

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      You bastard…. thanks for pointing these out….at $40, could not resist

    • Sharp, purchased.

    • Look and feels very cheap in person. I'll be returning these ones unfortunately.

      • How much is the cost to return these?

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    damn i know it's not on sale but those pop trading company x miffy collab shoes look awesome :(

  • thanks op

  • why is keyrings ineligible :(

  • Thanks! Got one.

  • What is the shoes sizing? UK? US? AU?

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      Confusingly it varies by shoe type - click the 'size guide' link above where you select your size.

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      I'm size 1, so I just ordered a keyring. Hope it fits!

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    Came here to buy the $5 hat, now this doesn't look bad for $30 delivered hey.

  • Any idea about their shoes width? Narrow or wide?

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    Worst website I've ever encountered among major fashion retailers as of browsing experience… Finally managed to place an order for a family of 5 after roughly an hour! Great price and styles on sale though. Thanks OP!

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    I didn't intend to spend $90 on sneakers this morning. 😩

    Also Cash Rewards are doing 10% at the moment, pretty good.

  • https://www.converse.com.au/mens-converse-g4-heart-of-the-ci...

    These are nice for $45 delivered but I was way too late at 5am. Need to remember to check OzBargain earlier at 3am.

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      Early bird gets the Chucks.

  • Thanks op, was way too late for the t-shirts in fat (xl) size, but scored some Chucks 😊

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    None of the new waterproof high tops on sale, in case anyone was wondering….

  • Do con's have a wider fit option?

  • Code is still on the website, but applying to cart I get the - "The promo code "Taf50" is not valid." message

  • Thanks OP! Just purchased some new shoes :)

  • Had to cull my order in half down to just 2 shoes!

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    the payment went to 'The Trustee for Conquest Sports Trust' what the hell?

  • Does anyone whether returns are free?

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      Have to pay for postage

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      If you pay with Paypal you can use their free return deal.

      • Oh, awesome! Thank you for letting us know.

  • did anyone have incorrect cashback recorded on CR?

    • Nope. Just remember the 10% doesn't include GST.

      • I spent $62.50 and got $1.14 tracked cashback.

        • Well that's incorrect then. Mine was $90 spent and tracked at $8.18.

  • Ordered…. thanks for sharing

  • Anyone's shipped yet?

    • Nope

      • No still processing and cashrewards hasn't tracked either

    • No…

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      Mine shipped this morning at 11am, five days after ordering.

  • Still waiting on mine to be shipped :( anyone have this issue?

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      Same, still waiting for them to ship it. I think they might have oversold.

  • Got my CT All stars. Firstly going a size down like the chart suggested was not a good idea. Also the quality has considerably changed since the last time I bought CTs. Feels like cheap Kmart shoes. Will be sending back and take the hit on shipping. Lesson learned

    • Same, probably shouldn't have done the size down too

  • 8 business days still hasn't shipped, wtf?

    Found this on their website:

    "Please note, delays in dispatch of approximately 7 business days are to be expected from the date of purchase due to high volume in orders."

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