Qantas Store Adding Shipping Cost to Members

Do any Qantas members notice that there is shipping charges to your order? Even as little as $6 or points to over $100 purchase also cost you shipping cost?

That’s unfair!! Myer/David Jones offer free shipping for over $50, why does Qantas store charges shipping cost or deduct points on us? Sneaky..

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    Is it not detailed, or shown during check-out?

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    So they, like pretty much every other online shop out there, charge for shipping goods to you. They detail what the cost of shipping will be, and you're free to purchase or not purchase if you don't like the charge. Again, like every other online shop out there. Where's the problem?

    And your Myer/DJ example is disingenuous. They are charging shipping, they're just giving you a discount if you spend over $X. Many shops do this to encourage higher spend through. E.g. "I've already bought $40 worth of stuff, maybe I'll spend an extra $10 and get free shipping." - Like it or not the cost of shipping and handling is a real cost, a business is entitled to both a) pass the cost of shipping on to the consumer (i.e. the end user of the service) and b) entitled to profit and/or take a loss on those costs to encourage the actual purchase; the cost of the goods being bought is one line of business, the costs of getting those goods to you is a separate one.

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    If you feel Qantas are cheating you and other consumers please stop using Qantas, stop accumulating Qantas points and use another rewards program.


    Lol what.

    Maybe you can call up Joycie and ask for click and collect 🤦‍♂️

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    Shocked that this is not a HelloPam2019 post.

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      She doesn't want you to call her by her name any more haha (now known as screensaver)


        I just saw that she has changed her name. LOL

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    The QANTAS CEO’s salary is $1.6 million, how they gunna pay that with no planes in the air. In a pandemic you need to come up with a new way to generate revenue from suckers on the ground.