Any Good Online Typing Learning/Games for Free?

My 7yo is learning how to type, is there any good typing exercise games for free? We are using typing club at the moment and it's asking us to become a member. I am just reaching out if anyone got any better websites before I pay.


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    • Thanks. But it's typing competition not really for learning how to use the keyboard with correct fingers etc right?

  • the typing of the dead

  • Not free (but may be able to obtain free)

    Many happy childhood memories - Australian content

  • I don't know of any typing 'learning' websites, but the best typing websites in general include MonkeyType, TypeRacer, and NitroType. Give those a go if your child ends up enjoying typing a lot (like me).


    I am learning on it and loving it.

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    There of plenty of learning-to-type websites, don't ever pay for anything like that. Check out The Typing Cat website

  • +1 is free but has ads and the UI is probably not as engaging for a child.

    It uses statistics/algorithms to generate typing lessons that matches the users skill level. Based on key strokes, it can tell which letters are a struggle and will then generate typing lessons to practice those letters until proficiency is reached (indicated with a colour coded system).

    I've used this website sporadically over the past few years, mostly just to check my typing speed, but it seems reasonable that it would be successful at teaching touch typing.