This was posted 3 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[NSW, VIC, SA] $5 off $25, $10 off $60 or Free Delivery (Delivered by Restaurant Locations Only) @ Menulog


I just received this email…

…because we’re celebrating Christmas (in July) this weekend with some takeaway treats!
You've got THREE presents* hidden in your 'For You' section, so Christmas lunch and dinner (…and midnight snack?) can come to you this year.

($10 off $60 spend, $5 off and free delivery both need a $25 spend, all at Delivered by Restaurant venues.

Decorations optional.
Offer is only valid for selected NSW and VIC customers

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  • min spend?

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      $25 -$5 off
      $60 - $10 off

  • Just updated the min spends

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    Can confirm "STAYHOME" works in SA for $10 off a $38 spend despite not appearing in my "For You" section.

  • Miserable discount especially when people are un/underemployed and do not have spare cash to spend on takeaway

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      Cooking at home is cheaper and potentially healthier

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      Whilst I agree it's not an amazing discount, at the same time it's better than nothing if you were going to get takeout anyways.

      They're not a charity at the end of the day, so how strapped everyone else is doing shouldn't impact them. If people are really struggling, perhaps they should be reconsidering takeout for a home cooked meal that's within their means.

    • Menulog isnt your communal food dispensary.
      Its a service.
      The Indians who are most of the delivery drivers earn like $10-15 an hour (before expenses)
      If that level of exploitation didnt exist then the menulog fees would be much… much higher.

      Go pick up your own food tubby.

  • Targeted?

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    Does menulog bump up menu prices on its app? I think UberEats does that, plus a delivery fee plus a service fee which is a total rip off.

    • I would argue Uber doesn't bump up the prices from restaurants, but the significant Uber fees force restaurants to up their prices to cover the Uber fees. This is in addition to the service/delivery fee/s of course, as EVERY OzBargainer should know (hand in your OzBargain card if you weren't aware of this !!!)

      But in answer to @cash8's question about Menulog, I hope any food outlet owner can let us know about the Menulog fee structure?

      • I've heard Menulog has half the amount of fees of Uber Eats (eg 15% instead of 30% - unsure of the exact numbers)

      • Uber in general has crazy amounts of fees, I've asked drivers before and they said it's like 40% or something insane where as DiDi and others are more than half of that. I'm sure their food delivery would be similar

    • Yes, a large number of my locals charge a fair bit more on Menulog than going directly.

      • This.

        Always compare the Menulog price against the actual Restaurant price - sometimes it's significantly higher !

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    What’s peoples experience with delivery problems?

    I ordered on deliveroo and ended up 1 hour late. I couldn’t find a number to call and ended up messaging them through fb but in the end no refund or discount just had to wait. Felt pretty helpless and wonder if this is the case with all these platforms, you’re just at their mercy and no way to cancel in this situation.

    Canceled account as a protest which I’m sure they really noticed.

    • Canceled account as a protest which I’m sure they really noticed.

      Sad Lol :(

    • I've found as shit as Doordash can be, they've got good customer service, investigate and give credits really easily and quickly.

      They also cover the promotional discount with credits too which is nice unlike other companies (ahem, Uber Eats) that you just lose your discount.

    • Same experience with Menulog. They might give you a credit a few times.

  • What happened to the generosity of Menulog? Too many people playing the system or have they just decided to offer less and less?

    • Their delivery fees seem to have increased a lot since lockdown too.
      One place I frequently ordered form has gone from $1.99 to $5.99

    • I suspect the food delivery companies have realised people are going to order anyway if they're in lockdown

  • I can confirm that All the delivery companies
    Ie Uber menu log. Door dash.. deliveroo
    All put a minimum of %20 ontop of each item Plus delivery fee in my area.
    If I pickup the same order I save up to$15 plus delivery fee compared to getting it delivered

    • All the restaurants need to do is offer 10% off their normal menu prices for pickup and they will cut out some of the rip off 30% delivery company fees and jacked menu to cover that .
      But a lot are too TA to offer that .

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    It's very rare that I use them now for that reason
    A 3 minute drive saves me over $25 sometimes