Android 10 no longer supports install APK files?

Samsung S9, Android 10, Patch date 01/05/2021
I found I can no longer install app from apk files, even those previously successfully installed apk files. Does this happen to all Android 10 devices or Samsung only? This is the biggest freedom I see in Android.
Does any one have the same issue? Any resolutions so far?

Seems Total Commander is stripped the permission to install App from apk file. Ran the apk file from Samsung own file manager and worked.

I always use Total Commander to install apk files without any issues. "Developer options" and "Install from unknown sources" are on. Today when I check, Total Commander is no longer on the list, which means I can no longer install app from Total Commander even if I want to.

I asked the title question is because I recently read somewhere that Google will follow Apple to only allow install app from Play Store, no more apk installation.



    I formatted my Samsung Tab S2 (tablet) to Lineage OS 17.1 a few days ago, that's Android 10, I can install APKs

    I'd say you need to go through the settings, I'd be very surprised if Samsung has blocked this.

    (The below is taken from Express VPN's site)

    On Samsung devices:
    * Go to your phone's Settings.
    * Go to Biometrics and security > Install unknown apps.
    * Select the browser (e.g., Chrome or Firefox) you want to download the APK files from.
    * Toggle Allow app installs on.

    Alternatively, try and open the APK via the "File Browser" ( I don't know what that will be called on your phone)


    Had a similar issue just now with android 11, got around it by installing "XAPK installer" and going through that app to install.

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    Developer options

    Install from unknown sources.