Cryptotab Browser - Earn Bitcoin (BTC) While Using Your Computer from Home

Hey everyone,

I have been using Cryptotab browser on my pc and android phone for 2 months now. The browser is quite lightweight and has built in bitcoin mining feature. Since it has not been mentioned in ozbargain, I would like to share it with everyone.

We can earn bitcoin while working from home using this browser. We don't need to browse websites, just need to activate the mining button in Cryptotab browser and leave it in the background. There is an option to choose how much resources we want to allocate for mining.

Depending on computer specs, I get around 4000 H/s with HP Z230, 8GB Ram and 1GB Quadro K600. On my LG V20 phone, I get 1500 H/s and it does not drain phone battery. Phone app is only available for Android at the moment. We can use multiple computers under same account but only one phone.

They do pay in bitcoin and I have made 3 withdrawals so far. I don't get a lot as I only have standard desktop but interested to know how much hash speed you get with your computer especially gaming pc or laptop with nice GPU.

Let me know how you go with the app, I am interested to know if we can get like 10000 H/s.


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    Doubt it would actually mine bitcoin. Probably uses your computer as a hash farm for ethereum but pays out in BTC. Something like Nicehash does the same. Just makes your computer part of a pool available for rent.

    I'd worry it is monitoring your web usage as a plugin to the Web browser. Maybe that data is valuable enough to them to pay BTC for.


    I'd be highly suspicious of anything that doesn't use any power yet generates bitcoins, as per the above post I suspect they're in it for something else.

    The payout must be miserable too. My GPU at 40MH/s (that's 10,000 times what your PC is doing) makes a few bucks a day. Presumably your PC would make a few bucks a decade at that rate, it has to be using more power than you're earning, for sure.

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    Use Brave browser and spam their ads. Zero processing commitment and your payout isn't really that much different.

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    I would assume this mine's Monero and converts to bitcoin. Monero uses one of the few, if not the only algorithm, that cannot be ported to hardware far more efficient than your desktop cpu.

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    Is this a sockpuppet?