Recommended wired/wireless (Bluetooth) headsets

I'm no tech guru but my cousin called because they made him work from home because of the lockdown that Gladys announced for the Cumberland LGA. Unfortunately given the short notice, he needs a headset (he uses a desk phone at his office, and yes his workplace should provide him with a headset IMO) and he's not a big fan of using the wired Earpods.

I said to him, "Just do an online search and do your research" to which he didn't like, but I told him I would get some recommendations.

To help him out, what do fellow OzB members use/recommend a headset while working from home?

Forward thinking (for him), I think Bluetooth would be the way to go, but if anyone can recommend a wired one it would be appreciated.


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    Personally, Airpods and Sony WH1000XM3s works wells.

    Airpods not good for long calls ie. over 2.5h ( battery goes low )

    Xm3 battery lasts for days.

    Source: I have used both.


      Thanks for the info!

      How is the sound quality on calls? Especially for the other persion on the other end talking to you?

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    Get a half decent Jabra wired headset, the Jabra Evolve 40 is what the last 2 jobs I have had gave me and they just work. Microphone quality craps all over airpods, I'm sick of doing meetings with people wearing airpods who think they're amazing (but really it sounds like crap from my end).

    I had a wireless one but I found the line between home and work blurred. I'd just keep wandering around with it on and never took a proper break because I answered every call. That probably says more about me than anything, but wired ones fixed it, if I'm making a coffee or having a break, I'm not answering calls, simple as that.

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      I highly recommend the Jabra Evolve 75 wireless ones. They are bloody amazing. Excellent call quality, can sync with phone and laptop at the same time and have very good music/audio quality and okay (not great) noise cancellation.

      They are not cheap, but I've ended up buying 4 pairs all up second hand over the past 18 months for friends and family. They've ranged between $100 and $140. All in "as new" condition.

      I have Sony XM2's I still use if I'm travelling as the noise cancellation is much better. But the sound quality of the Evolve is 90% as good as the XM2's and the voice quality blows them out of the water. So I actually end up using the Evolve's most of the time.