Report Sensibo for False Advertising?

Was just scrolling facebook and came across an ad for a "Sensibo Pure" at 50% off for an Olympics sale.

Upon opening the link to see, the discount appears to be $30 per unit, $229 down to $198.98 each. So it's not even 15% off. Adding it to the cart doesn't appear to change the price further, just that this is the "Olympics sale" code. The other products they have all have a slight discount too, but still not close to 50% off. The only item this 'sale' appears to be aimed at is the monthly subscription to the Pure filters, though no where on the page or cart mentions this being an Olympics sale so it's hard to say.

I would normally just keep scrolling because usually these ads would say "up to 50%" or whatever, but this has really irked me this time and i'm wondering if they can be reported. I am aware that single reports usually don't matter to the ACCC but i'd still like to try. Sensibo appear to be an overseas company though and i can't seem to find definite answer on whether they can be reported or not, or i'm not googling the right words.

Anyway, thoughts? Or am i just wasting my time for no real gain…

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    Your first mistake was still using Facebook.

    Your second mistake was not blocking Facebook ads. Get an adblocker already.

    Your third mistake was actually engaging with a Facebook ad and believing it.

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      It has it's uses for me

      I do, it doesn't block sponsored ads i guess. Ublock origin.

      Call it curiosity.

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      Lol @ Fartbook ads. How does anyone believe them? 95% of them are scams. They must do absolutely no vetting of any of the ads they host.

      Last week I saw an ad on Fartbook for an e-bike I saw on Kickstarter for a few thousand being listed on some shitty ad being sold for $59…

      Edit: OMG, stop listening Fartbook… just found it.

      Dodgy website from Fartbook ad for hubless e-bike for $68.98 (They didn’t even remove the Reevo watermarks from the photos…)

      Actual bike being sold on Kickstarter Indigogo for US$2,888


        I mean i agree with what you're saying, there's a lot of crap and fakes out there, but this company is somewhat reputable and their products have been on ozbargain several times so i did have little expectation for them. That's out the window now though

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    Is it even an Australian site?

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      Nope, Seems they ship from US or Europe

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    Website registrant contact address, city: Reykjavik

    Thread close.

    There are tons of scams on the internet and you can channel your energy to more productive uses.


      I mean their products have been on ozbargain several times, and generally good reviews, so i wouldn't call the company a scam. This ad is definitely false advertising though.


      Sensibo is a legitimate company and product.

      JB HiFi and Harvey Norman sell them in store even.


    I agree it was pretty blatant false advertising. I reported the ad as Scam or Misleading to Facebook. Probably won't change anything, but made me feel like I had done something!


      Good point! I'll do the same, even if it does very little. Consensus seems to not bother going further


    Sensibo are great products btw. Some of the only smart home products that give you the full suite of access tools: mobile app, web app, API, REST documented. And they just work, are updated and rock solid.

    WRT to facebook ads: they are all a joke, never legit. No rules. Free for all. No accountability, facebook just takes your money and you can advertise.

    For eg. I often see RM Williams on FB ads for $90. I KNOW that you can hardly get them anywhere else, they hardly advertise, and if you can get them at another outlet they are max 10% cheaper on sale. And those same boots are $500. so total BS for all those (many) ads on there. Classic example. And the fake redistributors always use good product names to click bait you.