Panasonic DVD/Blu-Ray Player Compatibility

Looking for a new DVD player as i have boxes of DVD's and my old player died

Looking at Panasonic as I can use the TV remote for both if I want which makes life easier…

Theres the Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player with Built-in WiFi going for $309 at moment - would this play normal dvd's fine - and would allow me to buy new movies for a while to come…

Other suggestions


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    Can pick up a second hand unit pretty cheap from people moving to streaming.

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    Xbox One S or X

    Plays 4k blurays, as well as can then be a streaming device for all your other apps, besides gaming as well obviously. Software will be updated more frequently

    $349 refurbished though you'd find cheaper on FB/Gumtree/cash converters etc


      Refurbished always scares me - but point taken.

      Already have xbox, i'd forgotten it plays most movies too :'( I hate getting old

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        Lol problem solved?

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    All bluray players will play DVDs, so it's really looking for what you need in a player. Common features to decide on whether or not you need them include:

    • 4K Blu-Ray playback
    • Wi-Fi connectivity for various online-enabled features
    • Recording of free-to-air tv
    • USB for playback of movie files in MP4, MKV etc format.

    If you need some of these, look for those players. If you just want standard playback, some of the cheaper ones would do the job.

    If you have a modern-ish gaming system (PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, some Xbox One models) they will already play DVDs and Blu-Rays, so you can avoid buying a new system dedicated to movie playback.


      Great info.
      Thank you.


    If you have HDMI CEC enabled on your TV and Player, then your remote brand should control both TV and bluray player etc

    however I saw a Panasonic on Amazon that's cheap from the Panasonic store , worth a look


    Panasonic remotes can be coded to other manufacturers.. well my 10 ish year old Panasonic Bluray player/DVR can.. recently coded it to an old Samsung Plasma TV.. plus i recently bought the DMR-UBT1GL-K on sale, the remote works with the previous unit and both can code to other manufacturers..