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50% off (Lifetime Discount) Australian Web Hosting (from $25 p.a.) @ Stealth Internet


Get 50% off our standard web hosting rates for life (as long as you remain a customer). Our plan inclusions and discounted rates are shown below.

All of our web hosting plans include:

  • Fast Multi-Redundancy uplinks
  • Sydney Datacentre
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • cPanel control panel
  • CloudLinux Operating System with CageFS Hack Protection
  • FREE Softaculous app installer
  • FREE cPanel to cPanel Migration on Annual Plans
  • FREE Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate (installable from cPanel after setup)
  • FREE Daily Backups (JetBackup)
Stealth Basic Stealth Standard Stealth Pro
Storage 5GB SSD 15GB SSD 30GB SSD
Domains 5 10 20
Email Accounts 20 50 Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Price $4.50 $2.25 $8.50 $4.25 $17 $8.50
Annual Price $50 $25 $95 $47.50 $180 $90

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Why Choose Stealth Internet?

Fantastic support:
Our support is always answered by an Australian local technician.

Server quality:
We are part of the Obble Pty Ltd Group who are an IT company specialising in online services with an outstanding reputation. We know our servers, and have appropriate levels of maintenance, support and upkeep to ensure that your website is available with our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

  • Expires 14/08/2021 - use promo code STEALTH21 upon checkout to redeem.

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  • +2

    Just to chime in, I’ve been using obble for two domains and needed some help setting one up and the support at obble was great with helping do that.

    No complaints, no downtime etc. not affiliated or anything, just showing my support as a customer.

    • Thank you so much. To be clear publicly this advertisement is for Stealth Internet, however Stealth is owned by Obble Pty Ltd & run with the same grade of hardware (On separate servers of course) and same support, etc, etc.

      Appreciate your comment :)

  • Do you have sending limits for emails?

    • Yes, can be increased upon request depending on use. What kind of email requirements do you have?

      • Depends on the limits, previous hosts maxed out at 200. Which is more than enough just curious that's all.

        I won't be sending out newsletters or mass emails if that's what you mean by a requirement :)

        • From memory our default is about 100-150. Can increase to 200 if you need :)

  • Hi Obble,

    I just wondering why do you have limitation for sending email? Bandwidth or space issue?

    • Neither - It's in case of spam really. If an account is compromised (or the customer has malicious intents) then there's a buffer in terms of outbound spam.

      As well as the other spam protections we have in place, this is another fail-safe to prevent IPs being blacklisted.

      This is why we can increase mail limits for legitimate purposes. Hope that clears it up, cheers.

  • when sign up for the plan, remember to check the CPU, also RAM allowance, as this is one of the important aspects, otherwise your website may be down when lots of people viewing it at the same time, esp the page with heavy plugins, or even gallery plugins

    The nerdy tech specs stated 200% CPU, not very clear an which package…
    2GB ram is also pretty slow, unless your website is have a few visitor from time to time, which is acceptable, otherwise the 200% CPU and 2GB ram is not enough

    • Hi,

      Yes you're correct that these are important, as well as I/O speed - And we can increase allowances here within reason also simply after a ticket submission (No charge).

      These allowances apply to all packages by default, but as above we can increase as per customer request. Thanks!

  • Do you allow SSH? Any page to do speed test?

    • +1

      We do allow SSH yes.

      Currently don't have any pages to do a speed test on, but the stealth website is hosted on our own infrastructure if you wanted to run a test there.

      You can also test download speeds if you'd like via Obble (Same network): test.obble.com.au


  • Hi OP, when does this expire. I neeto think of a business name in the next few days.

    • 14th of August, 20 days - plenty of time.

      If you run out too, PM directly or open a support ticket and I can re-open a code for you too.

  • Can we move up and down (more so up) on plans and still benefit the 50% discount to the plan we move too?

    And the Add-on Domains, I guess one still needs to pay for yearly register of .com.au domain separately, well currently I have one .com domain I've had for years so what's the pricing for domain names yearly register for both .com.au and .com

    Never bothered transferring my .com more so worried something going wrong within the transferring process

    • Hi,

      Yes it’s upgradable or down. Very flexible with this so if it doesn’t work send us a ticket.

      Correct regarding addon domains, it simply allows multiple domains under the one account, you still need the domain name.

      .com.au are $15/year and .com are $20. The transfer process is very easy and straightforward, it copies all nameservers and details over so you really don’t even notice it’s been done.

      Thanks :)

      • Is the upgradable or down still at 50% price though for life?

        • Oh yes, we can keep the 50% discount active

  • Hi OP,
    I have an accountant friend that has just let his hosting expire. He's wanting to reinstate a new site possibly through this deal. Domain is still paid up and active. Should we be selecting:
    Transfer your domain from another registrar OR
    I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers?

    Email is currently with gsuite, will probably roll that back in too.

    Does this package come with a basic website maker software?


    • Hi,

      You can do either option. If you’d like to transfer the domain to us you can select that option and pay for a transfer (comes with a renewal included). .au domains are free to transfer.

      Or you can keep it with the provider and select update name servers - both work fine.

      No worries regarding gsuite, quite easy to link together.

      And we have softaculous installer which allows you to install different software but no full featured website builder - usually more CMS style software (eg. Wordpress)

      Let me know if you have more questions cheers.

      • He's already paid up with current domain for another year or two. I tried to do 'use existing and update nameservers' but the page has a logo appear then disappear and nothing more happens. I'll just go through and make a ticket to sales. I need to get him to pay anyway as I don't have his payment details.

        • Thanks for the info, yeah if you could please open a ticket then we can investigate any issues further.


  • Not off to a good start. They have charged me twice and drained my bank account hope they fix this soon.

    • Hi Steve,

      Already fixed. Sometimes this can happen with PayPal specifically in combination with WHMCS.

      But the duplicate has been refunded :)

  • Just wanted to chime in too. Obble / Stealth have been nothing but helpful.

    Have recently moved 2 domains and hosting to them. Alex from Stealth has been super patient and helpful throughout the move and on weekends with support.

    Thanks so much guys.

    • Thanks mate :)

  • If I sign up now with the basic plan and decide to move on to a higher plan later down the track, will I be able to do so with the same 50% lifetime discount?

    • Yes it should work interchangeably, worst case - Contact support and we will adjust it for you.

      • Thanks for that! I can't come up with a domain name right now, but I would like to sign up for the offer, how can I go about this?

        • If you're stuck on the domain name and you really want to order, you can just select a plan, click 'I will update my nameservers' and then enter a random domain name.

          We can change it later, just open a ticket and request the domain name to be changed on your hosting plan. You can also register a new domain through us at any time later down the road too.


          • +1

            @Obble: sweet. Thanks for that!

  • Hi mate,

    I have a website design studio and I need to make multiple wordpress directories under the same domain to stage different WordPress templates for clients. Can I make multiple directories for the same domain and install WP templates or does it come under 5 addon domains restriction?


    • Hi,

      Yeah you can do that. The 5 addon domains is purely 5 unique domain names.

      You can have as many directories under the single domain as you'd like (staging, templates, etc).


      • Thanks for that. are you guys using Litespeed, Nginx or Apache as your web server for all plans?

        • I believe the Stealth servers are running Nginx. The Obble servers are running LiteSpeed, but when Stealth was purchased by Obble, the servers were left as is (without LiteSpeed).


          • @Obble: hi mate, I bought the hosting account yesterday for the whole year but the customer support is quiet slow. There is no online chat and not even a phone number if there is an emergency.

            • @Ezaf: Hi,

              I believe I know which tickets were yours (May be wrong). In which case I believe most of the responses to your tickets were less than 30 minutes, and many sub-20 minutes. The exception being the time to transfer (a few hours) and this morning with DNS changes (A few hours).

              Unfortunately with the low pricing we offer of only $25/year (less than $2/mo after fees) we can't really afford to maintain online chat & phone support. We still have on-site hardware response within 30 minutes if there's any major hardware issue and any server emergencies are responded to in a timely manner.

              As a smaller & budget provider we still aim to provide a high level of customer support throughout your plan, as seen by the reviews for Stealth & Obble online. Of course though, we can still offer a full refund within a 14 day money back guarantee if you're wishing to return to your previous provider.

              Just let us know via ticket :)

            • @Ezaf: Nah, they're fast at replying to tickets. A1 service.

  • Hi OP, I don't actually need the service at the moment is there anyway of leaving a deposit or pay upfront for 1 month or some agreement but activate service in the future, have to admit it's not really expensive yearly so it won't hurt to commit now either way, cheers

    • +1


      Look up to you really. Send us a message later in the year and we can fix you up.

      Or pay for a year now and then send us a message when you’re ready to use it properly and I’ll extend your due date to a year from the day you message (within reason).

      Cheers :)

      • I'm in the same boat - I'm hoping to start setting up around November/December. Am I able to message you then? :)

        • +1

          Sure thing !

          • @Obble: Same as above, won't be needing it for the next several months. I might pay for a year now and message you when needed?

            • @Hope140: That's fine also. We do occasionally run promotions throughout the year anyway too, in a similar way.

              But let me know if you've made an account online & send in a ticket or email. I can add a note to your account & invoice then just start the hosting when you want to start it.

      • Whoops forgot about this so guess it has expired

        • Extended the code for you for a couple of days if you want to use it :)

          • @Obble: ok thanks though I think the STEALTH21 code has expired anyway I've placed in basket new domain name and the basic hosting package hopefully you see this and I'll try to PM you also cheers

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