Problems with Loyalty Card Scanning in Samsung Pay at Coles/Woolies Self-Checkout

Can someone confirm if Coles self-checkout is using an older type of scanner compared to Woolies?

Since upgrading from Note8 to S21 about a month ago, I can no longer scan the barcodes from my phone using the big flat scanner at Coles, but have no problems at Woolies. The small LED scanner next to the EFTPOS keypad at Coles works nevertheless.

I think my old Note8 was using the Mobeam barcode beaming technology, that's why I haven't any had issues previously with the flat laser scanner.


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    Add your cards to Google pay and tap instead of trying to scan.

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      That's only for Woolies, isn't it?

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    Yeah I find you have to use the handheld scanner at Coles for it to work for both Samsung Pay and GPay.

    Woolies, just hold onto the terminal and On GPay it'll automatically read it.


      At Woolies, if I'm using my discounted gift cards, I'll just open the money app to get both barcodes.


    Interesting. I've been using Samsung phones since the Galaxy S2 days and never realized Samsung had mobeam barcode beaming tech.

    The barcode scanners at Coles could be the older-style laser-based scanners, that might be why they retrofitted these machines with an imager based add-on scanner near the EFTPOS terminal. I guess it's cheaper than replacing the whole self-checkout unit.


    Yes, same here. Have to use the small LED scanner at Coles. The large barcode scanner no longer works. It's not because of the S21 or mobeam. Coles changed something in their newer self checkouts.


    Got the fold.

    Never had issues with flybuys or safeway cards.

    Flybuys you use the scanner next to the effort.

    Safeway you just tap on the grocery scanner.


    I have the same problem when trying to scan eGift cards at Coles self-checkouts (decided to stop buying them because it's not worth the effort spending 5 mins each time trying to scan the eGift card). Kmart is even worse (i.e. impossible to scan eGift cards on self checkouts and takes lots of tries on a manned checkout). I have found the Woolies self-checkouts work perfectly and there's never an issue scanning barcodes (eGift and everyday rewards).

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      The e-gift cards scan ok at Coles with the small LED scanner next to the EFTPOS machine. Did it earlier today.


        You're lucky. I find it hard to get the angle, size and distance right whereas the Woolies ones just work on the normal scanner.


    Try increasing the brightness setting on your phone.

    My phone has a low brightness setting when indoors and any barcode scanning issues from my phone are solved after I manually turn up the brightness.


    Pretty sure that was part of the reason they introduced the new scanners for flybuys