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Johnson's Pure Cotton Buds $1.37 ($1.23 S&S), Cotton Pads $1.80 ($1.62 S&S) & More + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39) @ Amazon AU


Back in stock 30/7/21: Johnson's Baby Pure Cotton Buds 150

  • Absorbent & gentle All-purpose product Super soft
  • Super soft
  • Convenient pack for desired amount.

Johnson's Baby Johnson's Pure Cotton Pads All-Purpose 50

  • Naturally soft, gentle and absorbent
  • Come in a convenient resealable bag
  • Ideal product for use with the whole family.

Baby Johnson's Pure Cotton Balls White 120

  • Absorbent & gentle
  • Convenient pack for desired amount
  • Applying & removing make-up, all your baby care needs
  • Country of Origin: India
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  • How are these compared to woolworths and coles homebrand.

    • Comment from an earlier post of this product here. YMMV.

      Edit: Looks like this wasn’t correct.

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    Reviews aren't exactly glowing

  • +3

    FWIW, I’ve ordered the buds previously through Amazon AU and have not had any issues. I’ve seen other people comment that their orders arrived with broken packaging. Luck of the draw I suspect. As for the product itself? Does the job as far as I’m concerned. I’ve found them better than the Coles/Woolies equivalent, but that’s just my opinion.

    • I had one arrive broken open, Amazon just credit it it takes 30 seconds to send the email. The ends of these tend to “bend” a lot easier than the ones from woolies etc probably a safety feature but takes some getting used to

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      Yes, they're laced with cyanide.

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    Doctors: don’t put it in your ear
    Packaging: don’t put it in your ear
    My mum: don’t put it in your ear

    Me: put it in my ear

    • +2

      There's always an implied 'deep enough to penetrate your tympanic membrane, or your ossicles will fall out and your hearing will be stuffed' on the end, but it's rarely said.

      Like most rules that people break - there's a reason it exists, and a reason you get away with breaking it.

      Don't go deep enough that it hurts, and don't do it to someone else when you can't tell if it's too deep.

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        That’s what she said

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    Quality of the stems are really bad. They bend almost everytime.

    • Yeah they went full biodegradable with paper stems, smaller heads too. they're really just made for gentle swabbing, not for scooping gunk out of ears like most people use em for.

  • Looks like the cotton buds are OOS (the one item I did need).

  • Some state governments are looking to ban cotton buds.

    • I hope they don't… I use them to clean excess flux of my sm solder jobs…

  • Maybe try these for something a little more eco friendly

  • +1

    These have paper stems and are as strong as paper can be, but still quite bendable compared to plastic.

    Plastic-stemmed cotton buds are set to be banned soon, so you can either keep searching for them or start getting used to paper ones.

    The packaging of these is poorly designed. The lid pops off with the slightest pressure on the side of the tub. There is a paper seal, but it isn't strong enough to keep the lid in place, so when you receive this there's a good chance the lid will have come off and some of the cotton buds (hopefully not all) will have fallen out.

  • Paper stem not as good as before but still better than other brands for my ears.

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