Novelty/Cheap Suits to Buy in Australia - Like Oppo

I have purchased some inexpensive novelty suits (with Xmas designs) from Oppo when they had an AU outlet/webpage
I believe via OzB deal - everything I buy is via OzB!

Is there any other similar online retailer in Oz?
Specifically looking for a cheap Light/Mid blue suit for a specific purpose
Need delivery inside a month so local = better

Cheap to me would be $100-$150 delivered
I don't expect excellent quality for that price - just not awful
Any recommendations?



    Not local but lots of options on Aliexpress.


      have you ordered - what would the delivery time be? A month?

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    Lowes maybe?


      Yeah I did think of that but don't have one near me (regional) - they probably sell online though - will check

  • sell oppo, and other brands $10 OR 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER
    I have used them several times and found them very reliable

    Other costume shops online
    Amazon sell them too-I got a hard to find outfit for 1 of my grandsons there a couple of Christmases ago


      Awesome - thanks

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    If it's for novelty, save some money and help the environment by going to Vinnies or thrift shop.

    Donate it back when done.


      Good idea - being tall / broad I often struggle to find 2nd hand
      But I do donate to VInnies regularly