Nintendo Switch Fan Noise

So I've had my Switch since day one and have recently encountered an issue being that every time I play ANY game (from Among Us to Rocket League, Skyward Sword, THPS, etc) in handheld or docked the fan becomes so overwhelmingly loud that it sounds like it's about to overheat or entirely give up and break.

The Switch itself still works and plays games fine despite the noise, but I feel its days are numbered.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Did you find a fix? Unfortunately this has happened right after most Switch sales have ended which means a replacement now would be RRP or near it.



    Does the Switch feel hot after using?


      It does, but not excessively so yet.


    Potentially your fan is dying?

    There seem to be some ways to fix the fan, like here:

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      That first link sounds exactly like the problem I'm experiencing. Thanks, I'll check it out

      Edit: upon reading the guide, that is very much out of my realm of understanding. I've already taken my Switch Apart for replacing the back plate and the joycons for replacing sticks, but I feel there's too much I could entirely break with the fan replacement.


        The Joy-Cons were harder to work on than replacing the Switch's fan. You should also re-paste the thermal compound while you're in there too. After doing all that it felt like there was more heat coming out the exhaust port which is a good thing.


          I don't know about that. Joycons were small and fiddly, but the risk of those breaking was ~$80 plus I already had spares if the whole thing went wrong.

          I've never used thermal paste before and there are a lot more pieces to keep a track of when doing the fan. If I kess up this procedure, I'm currently looking at $350-$540 for a replacement


            @Ninternet: That's a totally valid point. Hopefully you can get someone to replace the fan for you as I think that's the only option in fixing the noise.